Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 159

As is natural, when you can't walk without pain, and your heels are grotesquely deformed, what you do is run 7 miles. Which is what I did. I intended to do nine, but once again I did not have sufficient time. 9 miles requires about 50 hours for me. Anyway 7 miles in 77 minutes not counting the one minute walk breaks I took at each mile and the go run and take an urgent dump break after about five miles. Also there is this chafing issue. So when I ran 4.75 miles a couple of days ago I looked down and my shirt was bloody. That's special I will upload pics later. Yeah mmmm tasty nipple chafing....isn't that pleasant. This corresponds to the fact that I sweat one gallon per mile. As I was running today I would grab my shirt and squeeze it and seriously the sweat would just pour on to the ground/treadmill. Isn't that a lovely image? So to end my self-deprecating description, I ran most of the seven miles holding my shirt out away from my body to avoid the bloody mess. How hilarious is that.

Good times

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Your Hunger Defines You said...

now that office episode is even more hilarious