Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 24-25 Don't Hassle the Hoff

Ok. I admit it. Blind links to music videos of David Hasselhoff probably aren't a very nice thing to do. On Friday, I was feeling a bit pernicious and let some poor judgement get the best of me. Hopefully your retinas have recovered, and didn't get in the way of any holiday running.

Onward to run, run, and run some more!

I'll go back to the more straight forward approach of Vince-rolling the slap chop.

24 - 2.0 in 22:56. Top of the hill in 8:39
25 - 1.0 in 12:01

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 21-23 Day or night!

Thanks for all the encouragement from folks on the last post. I like the advice of trying some "shorter" trail runs that take place in Colorado as preparation for something a bit longer. I've still been limping along with one mile runs, but there is some, get it going attitude bubbling beneath the surface.

I saw an interesting article on the whole running in the morning vs running at night issue, that has some "science" or at least scientific talking heads commenting on it. I've actually made it 50/50 so far for morning runs vs night runs. I will say lately that the stars and meteors during the night runs have been pretty entertaining.

Plus, to help you get in the holiday spirit, you should probably watch this...

21 1.0 in 12:02
22 1.0 in 11:15
23 1.0 in 12:05

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 16-20 Game on!

I don't really want to write this post. Its mostly just stupidity. Everything about it rings failure and abject ridiculousness. Nonetheless here goes.

I'm not a Jim Collins devotee though I have read a few of his things. I do like a term I've heard him use called a BHAG or "Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal". So here's mine.

I want to run Hard Rock.

This is ridiculous. Yes. I know this. It is kind of like saying, I'm going to start at center for the Detroit Red Wings, tomorrow. Or I'm going to teach myself to fly by flapping my arms really fast. There is no chance of this. However I'm going to give it a try. Even if I fail, I think the trying will be good for me. Failing is OK. Failing at least means you are trying, right? Besides, I need something to shoot for, and why not shoot for the moon? (The moon on the fourth planet of Alpha Centauri in this case.)

Why do this? When I was thinking about starting running again, when I was pondering doing something hard, like doing a running streak, I ran across an article about the Hard Rock 100 trail race. I was amazed. I thought this has to be one of the most difficult things I could imagine. I told myself instantly there was no way I could do this. And yet there was some part of me that quietly, meekly said "I WANT to do that." So I say today in a temporal, fleeting way, in a post that I will delete tomorrow, Game On!

What will this require? It will take two to who knows how many years to accomplish. Here are my current required steps as I see them:

1. Be X-50. Where X = my current weight, I need it to be down fifty more. This is not an exaggeration. Considering I'm -50 since I started this running thing, it might be doable. It is definitely necessary to be able to run that far and have my body hold out.

2. Run a 50 miler. My plan was to try and do Rocky Raccoon in Feb. but with the back injury the training plan was thrown out. I'm going to look for, train, and do a 50 miler, hopefully in the spring of 2010.

3. Do whole body training. Its gotta be more than running. Maybe hit some weights, do some cross training, etc. Complete commitment to the goal.

4. Run trails. Run hills. Run mountains. Run for a long time. Some of that doesn't sound too bad?

5. Runa 100 miler. It has to be one from the qualifying list for Hard Rock. The audacious goal for this would be late in 2010. August? Leadville 100? Thats crazy. Just like everything else I've written in this post.

6. Enter the application for Hard Rock and win the lottery. Literally. Its a capped race and you have to get in by the luck of the draw. 2011 would be nice. Last year, having one ticket in the lottery meant you had an 18% chance of getting in.

7. Run the race.

Please have no worries. Tomorrow when I'm sick of and don't want to run one mile, this will all fade away. And you can just let it pass from your mind. Don't let the craziness disturb you.

However...I might have to listen to the voices...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 12-15 Stuck in a rut

Blah. Blart. Yug. Narf. Thus describes my never-ending string of one milers. I am feeling the need for a crazy goal coming on. It doesn't help that the last few days have been a wee bit cold, as expressed by these uber trail runners who live in the same area. -12 degrees + some 30 mph winds + snow getting blown UP into my nose + my exposed skin freezing in under thirty seconds = some short runs.

I'm not sure what the crazy goal will be, but I need something to get me out there running up that stupid hill for more than 1.5 miles...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 10-11 - Double Digits

Ten is more than nine. It requires two digits to notate instead of one. Ahh the sweet smell of success. However I'm not smelling the sweet smell of success over on the body part competition. Hurry up and vote! As my high school government teacher used to say, "vote early and vote often." This was followed by accounts of how as a young political type he would get a list of the recently deceased and then drive an elderly gentleman to every precinct in town to "assume" identities. All I know is that the Big, uhh oh-so-natural, Hair must win! Popeners ftw! And speaking of inspiration, I think I need some. Either that or this horizontal thirty mph snow and 4 degree weather has got to go....Come on old man winter, bring it! A treadmill that is...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 6,7,8,9 - Making the switch

So I think I may have to do it. Pull the plug, rip the band-aid off, switch over to the dark side, eat the whole tub of cool whip by myself. I may need to become a morning runner. I know. How can this be you ask? No more runs at 11:45 pm? No more overnight runs? No more procrastinate until the last possible minute? Say it isn't so! Well judging by previous attempts I must say its likely I will drop morning running like a bad transmission at the first possible opportunity (like, tomorrow) but today I ran in the early morning.

The reason for this big switch? My personal sanity. I must say it is such a relief to have the darn running thing DONE for a whole day. No constant mental dialogue of "Have you run yet? Have you run yet? Have you run yet?" This is a very nice feeling. I suppose this is a good practice for any item you HAVE to do, and occasionally find undesirable, get it done FIRST and then things seem much nicer. Anyone else have "First you work and then you play...." permanently ingrained in your mind? Yeah I've pretty much rebelled against that one for quite a while....However not in this case! And thus morning running it is. At least until I put it off.

Oh and to enter the contest over at JoyRun. Here is a picture of me from a few years ago and my favorite body hair....;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 5 - The Guest Post written by Mr. Hopper!

They (they being the oh so altruistic group of "internet marketers") say that one way to drive hordes of traffic to your site is by having really popular people do guest posts. So that is what I am doing today. Today our guest post comes from a man who in his first race ever, set an age group record! He loves to run and probably will be a sprinter some day as he doesn't really understand the concept of "hold back and preserve energy." Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the 4-5 year old age group record holder from the one mile fun run of our local running club, Mr. Hopper! (My four year old. You can guess how he got that nick name.) Mr. Hopper please go ahead.

"Who are you going to send this to?" (Everyone in the whole world on the internet.) "I want to ask the people how they are doing?" (Why do you want to do that?) "Because I don't think they have anyone to talk to. "The people who are cold and hungry. The people who never get to hear anything on the computer."

(What do you want to say to runners?) "I want to say have you been running a lot?" "I want to ask them if they have anything to sleep with." (Namely stuffed animals.) "I have a bike. A big bike. And my brother has a big bike. And my little sister just got a bike. " (What do you want to tell them about running?) "Yeah I like to run." (What do you like about running?) "I like taking new routes. Routes. ROUTES!" (breaks into song) "I like new routes, yes I do...." "Hey Dad I see a capital 'B' and a capital 'T' (breaks into song again) "Hey you runners. You should start a thing where um, you get to um, (plays with stuffed animal) you should start a new route of running like I did with my Dad. One mile, two miles, four miles, something like that. OK bye! Can we play a game now Dad?"

--End Guest Post--

There ya have it. Running advice from the four year old. Also apparently you all are cold, lonely souls who need to find a stuffed animal to sleep with. Enjoy.

1.5 in 17:35

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 2-4 Mmmmmm treadmills....

I realize that this blog consists of quite a menagerie of posts. If one was analyzing it, you could probably boil it down to: running stats, me talking about not liking to run, a description of some aches and pains, an occasional moment of inspiration and a bunch of complaining/whining. I don't care much for complaining/whining but I do realize I engage in it occasionally. And oh by the way, why break tradition now?

So about this hill. It makes me want to buy a treadmill. :) But I think in some part of my crazed running mind that "You will get used to this! Soon this hill will be nothing! You will become part mountain goat! You will go looking for bigger and tougher hills because this will be too easy!" Then I start running up it and those voices go away. Ha! I did do it. Today and yesterday and the day before. Its a small number, four days, but its more than zero. And I hear tale of a few others joining in the fun! Anyone else want to join the streak craze? Its sweeping the nation, one mile at a time...

Workouts: (trying the daily mile thing for a while....)

Day 2 1.44 in 13:35
Day 3 1.5 in 20:46
Day 4 1.5 in 19:06

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 1 - Take Two

Right so I ran today. 4.2 in a whole lot (54:06). (Lets not bring up that "teh wifey" ran the same course in a LOT less time.) I'm not sure what this means. It might mean hey streak #2 is on! It might mean hey my back still hurts I'm going to take another three weeks off. Dunno. What I do know is that we moved. Like we live in a new house. And like a complete idiot I failed to fully take into account the most important part of choosing a house, no hills nearby. /fail. Right out our driveway there is a massive (in my eyes, OK!) hill that you have to get up to get anywhere. Every single run outside will have to start by going up the hill. Now once you're up, you're golden as it is dirt roads, flat grounds, and nice easy 7200'-of-elevation-jogging. Negative points for the killer dogs that roam the neighborhoods. We do live in "the country" now so in the first two miles of my run I saw cars. ftw! There are a lot of trails to explore and very little pavement/asphalt so I am very thankful for this. You have to watch out for the fearless deer who wonder through our property on a regular basis, but my kids should chase them off soon.

All in all, I am very thankful I could run today. I know it does not mean I will be able to run tomorrow, but I'm not worrying about tomorrow. I am just sitting back and enjoying the fact that I ran farther than this guy. :) He's also starting a streak today. He hasn't made any bold projections for how long he plans to go, but I think he should commit right now today to at least ten years. Any one else want to join us in the ridiculous, frowned upon by most, mentally exhausting, discipline trying fun of a running streak? The rules and lists are here. Many others are in the middle of one and going strong...

Most of all I'm thankful for the many blessings I have been given, by my Lord, my family, my friends, and encouragement from random, really kewl, amazing, clearly very attractive and popular, running blaaahg-o-sphere members. Thanks Everbody!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moving On

Hey. How are things? Yeah? Me too. I stopped taking pain killers today. So if in the last two and one-half weeks you haven't received any bizarre, rambling voice mails from me, consider yourself fortunate. I have a history of making strange calls while under the influence of prescription medication. After I had wisdom teeth pulled a while back I made a call to my team at work. Really bad idea, though they enjoyed it for a very long time... :)

Thanks for all the encouragement. It is very meaningful to me.

The back is recovering slowly. I am up and moving about. I am mostly standing up straight now, and the "crooked little man"-nomer which I had aptly picked up earlier, mostly doesn't apply anymore. There has been no running yet due to the pain and such, but it has crossed my mind a few times.

I finally updated the spreadsheet. That was a hard thing to do. It reminded me why I do/did this running thing. Why? Because I like to accomplish things. On rare occasions I have actually enjoyed the running. But mostly, I like putting numbers in my spreadsheet. I like moving the bar graph. I like making check marks next to things like, ran a marathon - check, ran 800 miles in a year - check, ran every day for a 670 days - check, ran an ultramarathon - ?

My thoughts are still percolating on what to do next and when. Thanks for the suggestions. I hope this blog post finds you pursuing, and doing, and achieving, whatever those goals you have are. Reading your blogs it sounds like many of you are doing just that. Grats.

Final Streak Stats:

# of days in a row of running at least one continuous mile: 670
Total mileage: 1514.71 miles
Total time: Eleven days, twenty hours, forty-five minutes, and forty-five seconds. (17085:45 minutes, if my math is correct...)
Average run: 2.2071 miles, in 25 minutes and 15 seconds, 11:27 mins/mile pace.
Longest run: 26.2 miles in 5:13:38
Countries run in: USA, Kenya, England
States run in: California, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Washington D.C.?!?, Florida, Oregon
Times I ran with my shorts on backwards: more than I care to admit
Times I ran in dress shoes because I forgot running shoes: >10
Times I had to drop "the Double D" on the side of the road during a run: yeah...about that...
Times I waited until 11:40 pm or later to start my run for the day: Innumerable
God is Good to me.

Moving on...more running to come...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Incident - A recap

The End of the streak.

Well despite Tom's insipiring attempt to give a noble and hilarious description of what kept me from running the other day, what actually occurred was far less inspiring.

I was up early to run the first day of the back to back weekend long runs which was supposed to be fourteen miles long. When I got out of bed, my lower back sort of cracked, but I didn't take much notice of it as I usually don't get up that early and was still half asleep. I don't normally do morning runs, but I was planning on helping a lady from church move later and this was the only time to get in. Anyway, after hauling my stuff downstairs, I bent over to reach something else to put on and BLAM! I was lying on the floor, yelling bloody murder. My back had given out and I couldn't walk or even stand up. I spent the next four hours rolling around trying to get up to no avail. Teh wifey had to call the ambulance to come and get me to take me to the ER so I could get some good drugs. I've been in bed ever since.

Four days have passed, and I am getting somewhat better, I have been able to stand up and walk to the bathroom with help. There are some oh so proud moments when you can't stand up at all...I think the pain is gradually diminishing. It is most likely muscular and similar to something that happened to me three or four years ago (before the 2nd running career started). The solution last time was to exercise faithfully and stretch faithfully and that had pretty much done it until the other day.

As far as the streak goes, it was pretty tough. I'll admit I shed a few tears and even made a final attempt to stand up and do...something, but seeing as I couldn't stand up it was a pretty ridiculous sight.

I'm sure as I look back at it, at some point I will realize that I made my initial goals and then some. 366 days were achieved, and considering the state I was in at that time, that is pretty much a miracle. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from all of this, many I'm sure I haven't even thought about yet. However the main reminder that emerges from this, is one that I realized very early on in this streak running thing. That is, there are no guarantees. As I started running every day I realized that on any given day something could happen to prevent me from running. I also knew it could be something totally out of my control. There is no guarantee that running at least one mile will happen tomorrow. I can prepare and plan, and set my willpower level to "hardcore" but nothing can ensure it taking place. As we all know, life is like that too. Everything we count on, everything we plan to do, everything we are hoping for, can change in an instant. There are no guarantees for tomorrow. So today, if you can, why not seize the moment and go for a run? (just remember to bend your knees already!)

I praise the Lord I had the opportunity to run for 669 days. I know its a blessing to even have the physical capability to run. I'll continue to try not to take that for granted.

p.s. Thanks for all the comments, they are greatly appreciated!

p.p.s. Do they make a 40 oz Gatorade bottle? I could've used one...

Day 667-669 The Final Countdown

These are the record of the last three days before "the incident".

There were some sweet post ideas I had ruminating for them, but none of them make much sense at this point.

Day 667 - 4.0 in 42:12
Day 668 - 1.0 in 11:06
Day 669 - 1.1 in 13:12

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Good Things...

The streak is over.
I hurt my back.
I'll be flat on my back for probably the next week at least.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 665-666 No Signs Here

"No sane man will dance. "

Here is my new made up term of the day. Runce. Runcing is what I've decided I will be doing at every stop light I hit from now on. Runce is a combination of the words, "Run" and "Dance". Please note they are not combined because they are better together or because I'm great at both, because I can't quite DO either. However instead of trying to stretch, or jog in place, or just stand there and not look cold. I've decided I will Runce. Why waste an extra 1.2 minutes just standing there getting a quick gawk and a turn away. I say PUT ON A SHOW! Now normally since I run late at night it makes little difference since no one is there. (I did get a few honks from the two cars who saw me last night.) However I have on a few longer runs lately been out when the sun is up. Subsequently I have had a few "captive" audiences, and I say its time to perform! There are so many good reasons for this its hard to list them all. First of all, some might say my dance skills are a little bit lacking. (In fact after attending one dance in my school days, a friend of mine got asked if I was mentally retarded, foh realz). So I figure if I practice, it can't hurt right? Second, its good cross training. It breaks up the monotony of muscle use on a long run. Finally, people need a good laugh. And if I can provide it, I say Pop-Rock on! (OK there is an acknowledged risk of injury...)

What dance moves do you bust out on your runs?

For inspiration, you've probably seen these running related dancers....there is an animal theme here...

665 1.1 in 11:45
666 2.0 in 26:12 Hurt my foot, there was a lot of limping. It may have helped my dancing.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 661-664 Dream the Impossible Dream...

""Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." - Doug Larson

Now I'm NOT saying running goals in general or any of my specific running goals would constitute anything close to one of the world's greatest feats, but I do like the sentiment of this quote. We listen to so much "intelligent advice" which says you can't do this, and that is impossible, and stop jumping on the bed, you're an adult! I say, "I like to bounce!" So go make friends with the impossible. Hang out with them, spend some quality time, go for a cup of great tasting coffee at work (impossible right?!), go running today, tomorrow, and every day, have fun at work (c'est possible?), enjoy a great tasting rutabaga. Who knows, maybe the conventional "wisdom" is wrong....

Day 661 - 4.5 in 48.26 Keep running when it's cold outside and there is a warm house waiting for you? Yeah right.
Day 662 - 1.0 in 11:24
Day 663 - 13.5 in 2:48:20 Fun on a long run? Impossible!
Day 664 - 3.0 in 28:00
Day 664 pt 2 1.5 in 18:13 Two runs in one day! Whoah!

Three weeks of the ultramarathon program done? Fuhget about it...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 659-660 The Long, Cold Winter

"Every mile is two in winter." ~George Herbert

I'm not sure if George the social philosopher was talking about running, but even if he wasn't it fits. Right now it feels like this is the time where most folks in the running blahgosphere have just finished their fall marathon/half/something or other and are settling in for a nice four months by the fire. Training is drawn back, goals are things to be considered next spring, I've even seen some year in review posts. To all this I say,

"May I join you?"

No no no no NO! Wrong answer, self. You must not give in! Instead I muster all my strength, put on my hat, gloves, and four layers of clothing, puff out my chest and say,

"But it's warm inside!"

/backhanded slap across the face to self. NO! Get your backside out there, keep it padded for when you fall and go spread eagle on the ice, and START RUNNING.

Ultra training moves one step forward.

p.s. Mental note: It would help if you stopped running at midnight...

659 2.0 in 23:11
660 2.0 in 21:12

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 653-658 Sick to my Stomach

I really would like to write about other things.... I would like to write about further run ins with the ghost possums which happened this weekend on a quick trip to Iowa. I would prefer to write about skpping my first workout on the ultra plan. I would much rather write about some crazy hijinks involving me getting accepted into running "sponsorship" programs (ok more to come on that later.) BUT I CAN'T!

Why? Because I'm sick. I have become physically ill. Here is the source. Mr. Try Running ran his first 2:57!!!?!?!....finishing in 16th overall!?!!?...good googly. Well done! The sickness is an ongoing joke I have with him, to further accentuate the fact that he is amazingly fast, and I am, well...I make a nice tiramisu. (Who am I kidding? I don't even make my own lunch :)

Grats to TryRunning (Boston Qualifier!) and all the other peeps having amazing runs!

653 2.0 in 22:14
654 1.90 in 20:12 (Ghost possum attack, x3!)
655 1.9 in 22:26
656 8.5 in 1:40:21 (Fall colors in the Midwest are pretty nice!)
657 1.0 in 11:12
658 1.0 in 11:50

Image @ Copyright Paramount Pictures 1967

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 647-652 Week One Done

Yikes. Time flies when you're not paying to attention to posting. And you're going crazy.

The first week of my ridiculous attempt at an ultramarathon training program is complete. Results? It is done. There was some significant pain in the top of my foot, which first showed itself after the half-marathon, but I haven't felt it for a couple of days, so I am wiping it from my memory.

The weekend back to back runs which are a staple of this and many ultra plans were rather interesting. On Saturday it dropped down to about 18 degrees and everything was frozen. As I ran and sweated my shirt and pants became hard as a rock, frozen as they were by the cold. I was running with my new hydration pack (North Face Thresher if you're interested) and the water in the tube kept freezing. I realized I had to drink more frequently just so the tube wouldn't bust because of the ice. Crazy. The other crazy part was the ice. Did I mention it was everywhere? Especially on the ground. Especially on these rock steps going down on to a trail in the neighborhood. Despite my internal warning dialogue of, "Oh man I better go slow this is really sli----" I managed to do the whole- feet flying up into the air, landing on the patootie, yelping a loud vulgarity, and then looking around for any youngsters' ears that had been polluted. Thankfully in that weather, NO ONE was outside.

I feel like I've finally gotten into my slow, plodding, I can run for a long time, rhythm and endurance which is nice. As the mileage steps up we'll see how long that lasts. Seventeen weeks to go.

Finally, congrats go out to my awesome sis! She ran a half-marathon in Fargo, North Dakota (yeah its kinda cold there too) despite all her friends dropping out of the race, depsite the weather, and despite having a few less training runs than she had hoped for :) and she had a PR that beat her previous time BY ALMOST AN HOUR! Incredible! Grats Sis. I hate to imagine how fast you will be when you actually train for one of these (i.e. it will be a lot faster than me)

Ace's ultramarathon link of the hour:

Ultramarathon running advice for first timers, by the guru of ultras,

Here's the trailer for the movie, The Runner, about David's speed attempt on the Pacific Coast Trail (Goes from Mexico to Canada....) The trailer has too much crying, but the movie is highly recommended!

Day 647 - 2.0 in 22:02
Day 648 - 1.0 in 10:42
Day 649 - 9.0 in 1:10:42 It was cold.
Day 650 - 5.0 in 52:42 See above.
Day 651 - 1.0 in 12:42
Day 652 - 2.0 in 22:11 The fog rolled in during the run! Awesome.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 645-646 Go Crazy

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
Mark Twain

Today I feel like I'm going crazy. Or perhaps I just realize I've already gone crazy and everyone else has known this for some time.

Crazy is ok methinks, generally speaking. Crazy is good when it allows you to break out of the norm or the expected or even your own thoughts which are preventing you from achieving some goals. I think every now and then we need a little craziness to seize us and shake us loose from mediocrity, or bad habits, or maybe just the rut we find ourselves in. I saw an article in Yahoo News (that I can't find the link too argh!) that suggested the bizarre/absurd/crazy things in life also cause us to think more clearly and concentrate better as well. Even more fuel on the crazy bonfire.

My other crazy comes in the usual stuff of life, running, buying and selling houses, work, raising kids, buying and selling houses, more running, and also buying and selling houses. This is the good crazy stuff. That and the little yellow gnomes telling me to invest in peanut butter futures.

Day 645 2.6 in 26:42
Day 646 1.75 in 20:22

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 644 and Day 1

Cheesy motivational quote of the day: check.

Today is day one. Day one of the work towards a new goal.

Throwing out ridiculous goals into public view is always a bit risky. You might not make it. You might quit. You might get hurt. Stuff might happen to get in the way. BUT. If you don't risk something, its hard to achieve anything. So here goes.

Its time to start working towards some Rocky Raccoon action! Not the Beatles song. The fifty mile ultramarathon.

I'm so ready for this (/snicker at self)! I've got my uber-scientific, automatically generated training plan, which said yesterday I was supposed to run exactly zero miles. Yeah! I like this plan. Unfortunately there is still the whole running streak, so I did run one mile. I've got my race report links to read over and over to see how much fun puking during the race, and tripping over roots, and getting blisters the size of a Hyundai Accent can be. Plus, I've always got Vince to get me through the rough spots. My running mantra? I'm gonna run fifty miles, one slap at a time...

So hopefully in eighteen weeks I will have another race report to share, some new memories to cherish, and another goal accomplished.

Of course then, it will be also time to start something new again. What are you starting today?

Day 644 1.0 in 10:52

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 642-643 Xterra Half Marathon Race Report

And now for the executive summary of the race:

It was hard.

I've read a couple of other race reports that have sweet pics and stuff. Mine will have nothing of the sort.

Cold start in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. I really didn't know what to expect going in, other than I knew that it probably would be a tough race with the elevation gain. I didn't know what the trail would be like, what the overall race, people, aid stations would be like, etc.

Thus after shivering through the national anthem, nice touch, the gun was fired--err the park ranger guy said "go" and we were off. OK this huge convoy of camelbak toting trail runner dudes was off. I appeared to be standing still as they ran around me. The first section of trail was fairly wide, nicely maintained, and gave no indication of how the last ten miles would be. I was rather suddenly introduced to the joys of trail running about five minutes in when I was tackled from behind by a guy who tripped and fell into me. Despite "winning" the joust, it was sort of unnerving to realize this was a full contact sport. Thankfully, due to my epic pace, I was quickly behind the main convoy and didn't have any more would be tacklers trying to bring me down from behind.

It didn't take long to figure out this would be an entirely different race. After a nice little introductory loop, the trail started heading up and got more technical, rocky, tight turns, branches, trees, all the stuff that makes trail running "fun". (Insert standard running is not fun disclaimer.) I also realized that my trail running form most resembles that of an eighteen wheeler with no brakes. Getting up the hill was extremely slow, going down the hill occurred at break neck (likely mine) speeds. This resulted in the back and forth passing and being passed by the same runners over and over. I wound up "power" hiking (doesn't that sound a lot better than totally gassed trudging up a marginal incline?) quite a bit of the more extreme (and not so extreme) uphills. Considering some of the incline I really don't feel too badly about walking those sections. At a couple points I even passed some folks who were "running" while I was walking.

I wanted to try and make up as much time as possible on the downhills so on the first major downhill section I "put the hammer down". This actually was almost fun. It reminded me of being a kid in Montana and running down mountains (epic trail from Agnes Lake was the classic) and through trails. The down side was I was sprinting and working hard on that downhill only to be faced with the second major uphill section as a reward.

At this point it is probably fitting to point out a few comments on the volunteers. Generally speaking, the volunteers were great, very encouraging and helpful. With a couple of notable exceptions:

A) Somebody needs to teach these people how to fill up a cup! At every single aid station I was handed a fairly large cup that had no more than one inch of liquid inside. I seriously needed about five cups per station to get a decent drink. Needless to say I didn't want to stop and spend that much time asking for more and more cups so I usually got a couple and then drank from the bottle I was carrying. Seriously, fill up the dang cup! (I'm not blaming anyone for some dehdyration bonk that occurred later on but, seriously more than 1 oz per cup would be nice...)

B) I had a sort of unintentionally funny interaction with one volunteer who had asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was doing well (lies and still in the first half of the race) and asked how he was doing. His response? "Well I'm doing better than you look!" Uhhhhh I thought you people were supposed to be encouraging? I guess it could have been more funny if he had done anything to insinuate it was supposed to be a joke...Look I know me running is the farthest thing from beauty imaginable, and I'm sure I looked like death warmed over at that point, but couldn't you put a little bit of an optimistic spin on things? You know like "Hey I bet you'll live long enough to at least finish the race!" or something? :)

I was still shooting for an under three hour finish and as I approached the second major high point, I knew I had a lot of time to make up. I ran the second down hill as hard as I could, and pushed through to mile twelve still thinking I could maybe gut it out. Unfrotunately I hit the twelve mile marker, looked at my watch and saw there were only eight minutes left. Not going to happen. It was a major bummer, and I honestly stopped and walked for a bit internally raging at the fact that I was going to miss it. Ironically the official time was about three minutes off from my watch (no idea how that happened) and I finished much closer than I thought. Official time was 3:00:38. My watch time was 3:03:33. 38 #@$*(*%!@#$% in' seconds. But I digress.

Initially I was a little bummed about how slow that is, but considering the difficulty of some parts of the course, (I actually dropped down to hands and feet a couple of times) and that the winning professional time was 1:42 I didn't feel too badly. The winning marathon time (the marathon course consisted of two laps) was over four hours, equals more encouragement. Also I didn't get lapped which was nice.

Let me just say that was tough. I feel pretty good about getting through it. At many times it felt tougher than the marathon I ran earlier this year. Somehow I strained my foot about half way through which made things a bit painful, but I don't think it is anything permanent.

Once again, I had a world-class support team led by "teh wifey", the chilrunz, and my pops even made a guest appearance. Thanks! My first trail run is in the books, first official half-marathon is in the books. And now its time to start the ultra training plan.

Day 642 13.1 (some race reports have the course at 13.4) in 3:00:38.
Day 643 1.0 in 13:20 Uhh...pain.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 640-641 Goal setting

My goals for tomorrow's race in order of degree of achievability (going from most likely to not a chance):

1) Make it far enough along the course that they can recover my corpse
2) Finish
3) Finish in less than three hours
4) Finish with no chafing, sunburn, mangled feet, or permanent injury
5) Finish in less than 2:30
6) Not get chicked by anyone aged nine or under.
7) Sprout wings and fly to the finish
8) Have fun running. (HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah that one's pretty absurd)

Despite my whining, we're gonna give it a go and have fun with it.

This one's for you G.E.!

640 1.0 in 10:42
641 1.0 in 10:32

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 638-639 Impetuousness leads to Impending Doom

Well, have you ever had one of those moments? One of those decision making points where all logic flees your mind, and you go with your crazed impulses?

Yeah me too.

I have a race this weekend. I am doing the Xterra Trail Half-Marathon. I registered a few days ago. I've been thinking about this rash decision and come up with this analysis.

Reasons this was an amazingly bad idea:

1. I have all of three runs over ten miles in the last two months. All on flat lands. At extremely slow pace.

2. I haven't run any trails since June.

3. My knee has been aching a bit of late.

4. I didn't really notice there was 2000' of elevation gain until after I registered.

5. Bad weather is moving in...

6. The aid stations have no horse tranquilizers.

Reasons this is an amazingly good idea:

1. Its crazy.

Thus I assume there will be another race report forthcoming sometime after Saturday.

Just for fun here is the elevation profile....

638 1.0 in 11:52
639 2.35 in 25:52

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 634-637 - Mayor's Cup Challenge 2009 aka The Sweet Taste of Glory

Well the day has come and gone. The screaming fans have returned to their homes, and the city sanitation department is working to clean up the after party. The Mayor's Cup 5-k has been completed.

There were a few disappointments. Unlike when I did it four years ago, the mayor didn't give an unintelligible speech that was shouted down by runners in the back of the pack who wanted to start running. I was really looking forward to that...There was the obnoxious little ten year old punk who started sprinting at the very end, knowing that if I tripped him at that point there would be witnesses...The fact that they didn't let me give an acceptance speech was also a little disappointing, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The race was great. Beautiful weather. Everything felt great. My partner in crime, ran an awesome first ever 5-k with me in 29:42. Talk about an impressive accomplishment! Hopefully he sticks with it and signs up for the next race! There is talk of a running streak (not my idea!) which would be kewl as well...

When I was warming up for the race, teh wifey reminded me that I needed to maintain tradition and bring home the hardware in this race. In '06 when I ran it I won a sweet AG award (I took third). You know, due to the fact there were only three runners in my age group. Well to end the torturous suspense that I know you're feeling right now, let me just tell you, I took third place AGAIN! Oh yeah. The pro running scouts are so checking me out right now. Endorsements, shoe contracts, fan clubs, I expect all of this later today. How did this amazing feat get accomplished by yours truly?

By some miracle, there were only three people in my age group AGAIN!

I was notified that I have to pick up my "award" at the local running store. I personally am hoping for a check, cash, Godfather's Pizza gift certificates, or other equivalent compensation. I am expecting the same generic "you didn't win" ribbon I got last time and that I got on fifth grade field day many years ago.

Good times.

634 1.0 in 8:40 (I was jazzed for the race!)
635 3.1 in 29:42
636 1.0 in 11:32
637 1.0 in 11:54 I think according to the plan this was supposed to be 14 miles... whoops.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 631-633 The Day is Here!

Tomorrow is the big day! I and a good friend of mine will be doing the Mayor's Cup 5-k in lovely America the Beautiful park. A while back this friend started running and has just taken off! Literally! I believe he used a lot of the couch to 5-k program and he now "runs a four minute mile with an engine block strapped to his back." (bonus points for name that tune.) (The program even has sweet podcasts to listen to and keep you on track with the workouts!) I am expecting to have to use an electric scooter just to keep up with him. It should be a fun time, you know as far as actual running goes...

631 1.0 in 10:12
632 3.0 in 33:06
633 1.0 in 11:24

The kids love the fountain in the park...when the city has budget to turn it on...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 627-630 The One Ring

Right, so I'd like to talk about running. I'd like to talk about motivation, and determination, and just hauling off and signing up for a whole bunch of races (still haven't done it). I would even begrudgingly like to talk about my two hour and fifteen minute long run--err long trudge that covered barely ten miles on some hills and in unseasonably warm weather. However I can't. Not today.

The reason? The One Ring. So a new physical phenomenon that I understood before, but now know painfully well, is this: Losing 50+ lbs + putting on copious amounts of sunscreen for a long run = me losing my wedding ring. ARRRRGHUGHNGHGHEAREAHGEGHE! This is very upsetting. Of course it happened as I was heading out the door for the long run. I sort of feel naked walking around without it. Since I acquired more skinny fingers, I developed this physical tick of reaching over with my thumb to make sure my ring is still on (its been falling off on a regular basis of late). Feeling nothing there results in a very strange, unsettled feeling. I have placed an internal, family bounty in the hopes this will motivate my six year old and four year old to find it, but no success yet. I know it is a material thing, and I shouldn't get hung up about it, but doggone if it doesn't have meaning to me! This ring does have a history of being lost and found before (you'll have to ask "teh wifey" about that funny story) so there is still hope.

Until that time when I yell "Eureka" from the mountaintops, I'll just have to really live out this streak run thing, and "Run Naked".

Day 627 - 1.0 in 11:12
Day 628 - 1.0 in 10:42
Day 629 - 10.0 in 2:15:43
Day 630 - 1.1 in 13:12 (dress shoes, church clothes, in the rain, ftw!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 624-626 Today we ran

Today we ran. Today we accomplished something. Today if nothing else went right, if everything else failed, there was one thing that was successful. Today there was at least one thing we DID and didn't just think about. Today we chose to do something we didn't have to do. Today we could have given up, but we didn't. Today we ran.

To all those who ran today I say, well done.

624 1.0 in 12:14
625 1.0 in 10:42
626 2.35 in 23:15

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 623 Comparisons

In two hours and twelve minutes, Tim Parr can run to the top of Pikes Peak.

In two hours and eighteen minutes, this guy runs eighteen miles. (Though I don't think it was in this suit...)

In two hours and three minutes Haile Gebreselassie runs a marathon.

Me? I run twelve miles in two hours and eighteen minutes and think I'm pretty hawtsawss.

Simply put, being slow stinks. I think to better help my rationalization I should no longer report runs in actual mileage, but only use time. It sounds better that way.

I did have one of those classic moments during the run. On the way out, running on a sparsely populated dirt road a truck passed me. The passengers looked at me as if I was crazy to be running in the middle of nowhere and slowly passed, as if pondering whether to ask me if I needed rescue. Then an hour or so later as I was coming back the other way, the same truck passed me again! Now suddenly my crazy runner uberness goes up a notch, as the passengers of the truck recognize me and realize I've been running for all this time. The slack-jawed kid in the back was the icing on the cake.

623 12.0 in 2:18:04

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 621-622 Doing the Double (Our Great Race 5-k Race Report)

There have been other noted instances of runners doing doubles. However, I think it is clear that none have been quite so ignominious as the result I put up this weekend.

Brace yourselves now, in one simple morning, I ran the one mile kids run AND a 5-k!! Schnikes! That ultramarathon training is really paying off! /endsarcasm.

Right so the whole family jumped into our local running club's annual free race. A good time was had by all. The six year old ran an 11:45! and finished third overall. The four year old ran 12:30 and set an age-group record! The two year old, ran the whole way, waved at everyone within a mile of the trail, and set an age-group record (she was the first two year old to do it, lol) finishing in 19:11ish...

The family name and honor had been hoisted high! Then there was me. I hadn't planned to run the 5-k until the night before, but since it was free, and I do love me some free stuff...I decided to do it. Its a nice little course, and even though I had run the night before I decided to "endure a little suffering" and push the pace and race it.

Well this of course is when the humiliation comes in (you know, once I start running). I've talked before about my experiences being "chicked" but midway through the course I think I set some new records...

First of all, I got passed by the "Silver Bullet".

This is the name I gave to the 64 year old grandma that went zooming by me. You know this grandma. She is the one talking to and encouraging everyone in sight, never pausing for breath because honestly she hasn't broken a sweat yet. I tried to keep up with her. Big mistake. That lasted for about two minutes and then she pulled away. Out of sight. Its kind of like that Coors Light commercial where the train goes zooming by all those people, except instead of feeling refreshed and covered with ice, I felt more like a prune thats been squished on the sidewalk.

This would have been bad enough, but the "chicked" streak continued. A few moments after Uber Granny pulled away I got passed again. BY A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL! OK I know you are all accusing me of hyperbole now, but I looked up the race results, hoping that maybe she just looked REALLY young and was in college, you know on the track team? She's nine. (In the background behind the Silver Bullet.)

The string just continued. In succession I was passed by: The Silver Bullet, the nine year old, another grandma, grandpa with a knee brace, and the dude who alternately sprints and then walks (UGHAREARARGH!). There may have been a few other "chicks" in there as well. All of this happened in approximately the span of two minutes.

Needless to say it put a bit of a damper on the the family fun. Nonetheless it was, as "teh wifey" put it "a PR for this decade". 28:15 which was 1:20 faster than the last timed 5-k I ran. I was happy about that. At least until I'm jolted by the image of the Silver Bullet waving and zooming away....

621 4.1 in 12:30 (with the 4 year old) and 28:15
622 1.0 in 10:59

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 617-620 Challenge!

"If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing. "
--Homer Simpson

I've been seing some posts on the mental aspects of running lately. The fact that I've been thinking about such topics myself only reinforces the idea that running blog-o-sphere has a hive mind and thinks about the same thing, all directed by the evil alien overlords, but I digress. Thus my mental running thought of the day and challenge appears here:

Do something hard today.


Because it's hard.

I like this idea. Its simplistic and unoriginal, but it works for me. It seems to me there is way too much stuff in our world that is soft, and easy, and mundane. I know that I get washed away in comfort and niceties that I am surrounded by. At work I sit in an $800 chair (there are a thousand of them in the building if any chair thieves are interested), I drive to work in a car that has heated seats and air conditioning, I go home to a house with comfortable chairs, nice squishy carpets, and a feather soft bed with massive pillows. For my job, I don't dig ditches, or build things, or lift heavy objects. I write emails, and I think (that is hard sometimes, really), and I stare at a computer screen. Where is the challenge? Where is the impossible goal? Where is the blind leap of faith across the bottomless chasm? Thus I say to all of this, do something hard. When I was thinking about running every day for a year, it came from asking myself the question, "What would be something that would be really ridiculously hard/impossible for me to do?" Then I came up with trying a streak. Then I said, why not run a marathon? Now I'm saying, albeit a little tentatively, why not run an ultramarathon? For those of you who know me, those are all RIDICULOUS things to think, at least two years ago.

The benefits are huge. Yes there is the feeling of accomplishment, the success, the fame, fortune, and hordes of cash being thrown your way. However I think the biggest benefit for me is that it breaks the cycle. The cycle is that moirass of mediocrity and mundaneness which creeps into our lives if we let it. Its a vicious pattern of doing just enough to get by, accepting no challenges, never risking failure, that leads us to that final destination of our will, and abilities, and muscles? atrophying so badly that we don't even have the capability or energy to try something different.

So. What are you going to do today? What "hard" challenge are you embarking on, or are struggling through right now? Don't settle for the easy, the known, the already in my grasp things. Do something hard. And enjoy it!


617 1.0 in 10:23
618 2.35 in 23:58
619 1.0 in 11:01
620 1.0 in 12:50

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 614-616 Do my good deeds count against me?

I was running an actual semi-long run the other day and a moral dilemna arose. Here is how it came to be. I had left the course choice up to a family vote. My two sons dominated the voting and chose the 1/2 mile loop around our house. They chose this because then they can watch for me out their bedroom window and cheer for me. They also like to request various headlamp settings ("Switch to the Red Light Daddy!") and I am more than happy to oblige. The 1/2 mile loop pretty much stinks for running nine miles because it is extremely repetitive (eighteen laps) and it is all up and down a hill in the middle. None the less with the aid of the most amazing "teh wifey" in the world (who actually provided an aid station for me!) I was doing well.

I had set a goal of finishing under 100 minutes which would be about eleven minute miles, and had been extremely consistent in that. However as I started the last six or so laps I noticed that a car parked on the street had the interior light on. I had noticed some guy sitting in the car and going into a neighborhood party, and apparently he had left the light on. Thus the quandry arose. Do I

A) Interrupt my run, try and figure out which house the driver is in, knock on doors, wake people up and inform the driver of his imminent need of jumper cables, the end result of which is I won't make my goal time of under one hundred minutes OR

B) Ignore this and keep running, and make my goal!

Hmmmm. I'm afraid to admit the rationalization won. I figured it was a small light, the drain couldn't be too bad, right? So I finished the nine miles, then walked up to the house, thankfully caught a few people coming out of the "party" house and let them know about the light.

Nine miles done. Goal time met. Conscience, mostly abated. Good times.

614 1.0 in 11:14
615 9.0 in 99:49
616 1.0 in 12:54

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 613 Here it comes

Yes indeed my friends. It has been quite a while, and it is long over due. It is now officially time for a "Check It Fools!" post (read in a Mr. T voice.)

Check it foo's! I just ran me a 4 mile course that I've never run in under 42 minutes in the blazing fast, PR by approx. five minutes, 36:20 (not including 1:15 of waiting at stop lights.) That is smokin' fast! Look out Mr. Ryan Hall. Better watch your back Mr. Bernard Lagat. You better pick up the pace Col. Sanders! (just go with it) I am runnin' up your back side!!! Look out! Plus, you look mighty cute in them jeans! (bonus points for that reference...) knees felt great.

It was nice.

I ran in the day time.

God is good.

4.0 in 36:20 (37:35 total)

Day 610-612 Go Lean Crunch! (it is pretty tasty)

So I was out running the other day. (Strange phenomenon, I know.) Out in the middle of the night, waddling along, and then I hear a strange noise. I would have stopped running, but that would have meant I had to start the one mile rest run again, it does have to be continuous. After a moment of analysis I realized that I was making the noise. In fact the noise was coming from my knee. The good knee. This strange phenonmenon continued the next day as well. Its kind of like a crunch, each time I take a step. I'm used to the crunch, but in this case the crunch was so loud that I could hear it over my mp3 player. Yikes. Moral of the story? It didn't happen today. Everything must be fine!

Rock on!

610 1.0 in 11:14
611 2.0 in 9:01
612 1.0 in 12:01

Yeah I'm pretty much just lazy at this point.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 608-609 Hawt Sawss!!

Yesterday was a "long run". When someone saw me limping around at work, due to the usual Achilles/heel stiffness, they commented that "eight miles should be no problem for a marathon runner!" I concur. It was also nice to be deemed a marathon runner. However, this one-time, really slow, waddling marathon runner has not run very far in a long time. He has forgotten what it is involved in running more than a few miles around the neighborhood. That fact was obvious when, directly prior to the 7.5 mile course the runner consumed copious amounts of "very hot chili sauce". You see a real marathon runner would realize the potential affect such consumption would have on the GI. The real marathon runner would have passed on the hot sauce so that during the run they could pass on waddling a half a mile in complete, mind-melting pain with his legs crossed to get to the local 7-11 and use their facilities. While this is unfortunately true, I won't be giving up my finisher's medal anytime soon.

Today, was a stroller run with the two year old riding, and the four year old running. That kind of participation actually does make running fun.

608 7.5 in 90:14
609 1.0 in 12:14

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 606-607 1+1 = None

So I think/hope/am holding my breath that the domain nonsesne with 1and1 (my domain provider) is over. For most of the last couple of days the awe-inspiring/life saving/federal deficit eliminating content of The Longest Run was unavailable as I kept trying illogical combinations of settings to make the forwarding work with AND I would find one combination that would work and then three hours later it would not work. Nonsense. Meanwhile, as I looked for solutions and found that apparently would appear to be the most reviled domain and hosting provider that has ever existed. Good thing they only have legal rights to my left kidney.

Running is going along. There is talk of signing up for another marathon, which would then serve as a training run for an ultra in February. I find all of this talk to be even more nonsense. The more likely scenario is that I sit on the couch and chug quarts of nine day old coagulated cheese spread. (Wait, was that an unpleasant visual? Replace cheese with chunky country gravy. There. Better.)

Keep on rocking and running. Just keep in mind I have no plans on listening to my own advice.


606 1.0 in 10:13
607 1.0 in 12:55

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 604-605 Leading the parade

11:45pm and I haven't run yet. Seriously. How many times am I going to do this? I need data plotting the actual times of my runs. The vast majority have occurred after 8pm, and I think probably thirty-forty have been after 11pm. This all originally started way back when I started this running thing. I was absolutely fed up with being soooooooo out of shape. So one day I got up off the couch, set down the Mountain Dew I.V. and started walking up and down the stairs in our house. I just went up and down the stairs like fifty times. My family thought I had lost my mind. It was a near death experience. So the next day I picked something else. I decided to run. I knew however that this experience might be a little bit less than aesthetically pleasing to those unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it, plus I was planning to live next to these neighbors long term, (who we actually talk to) so I decided I didn't really want to share the image of me waddling with them. Solution? Black hat, black sweatpants, black sweatshirt, black gloves; run at 10:30 pm. I figured I might get picked up for burglary, (Which almost happened, though I'm not sure I ever blogged about it, go figure.) but I thought that if I was stealthy enough, no one could stop and laugh.

Things are much different now. I have run during the daylight. I have run on crowded streets. I have even run shirtless (admittedly it was well after dusk, though there was just a trickle of light coming over Pike's Peak and someone MAY have seen me.) I am sharing my running with the world. You're so welcome, world! At least when I don't procrastinate until the last possible second.

604 1.4 in 15:01
605 2.6 in 26.13

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 600 et al (596-603) and Fancy Ketchup!

Day 600. I'm not sure how exactly to celebrate hitting 600 days, but I feel I should somehow. My intention was to run six miles on day 600, but somehow I mixed up which day it was. Ha. I think my only choice then is to go geek and give statistical analysis. Tune out now if you don't like spreadsheets and mileage numbers. 600 days down and 131 days to go. Seems strange to think about. Generally my memory is restricted to: right now, two or three minutes ago, and things I liked when I was seventeen. Maybe that is a good thing...

p.s. I changed the blog address. It is now The old address should work for who knows how long. I wanted to make sure all the "naturalists" who also like to run could find the site more easily. :)

Year 1
Total Mileage: 800.01
Total Average miles: 2.186
Total Average time: 24:19
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:07

Year 2 (through 8/26)
Total Mileage: 520.05
Total Average miles: 2.25
Total Average time: 25:49
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:28

Overall Streak Totals
Total Mileage: 1320.06
Total Average miles: 2.199
Total Average time: 24:38
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:11

(the break in the middle is from the two days at the end of '08 that didn't constitute a whole week)

596 - 1.0 in 10:42
597 - 1.0 in 12:02
598 - 2.35 in 24:02
599 - 1.0 in 11:3
600 - 2.1 in 22:35
601 - 1.0 in 11:42
602 - 6.0 in 71:45
603 - 1.0 in 10:12

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 595 - Don't Forget to Remember

I read a quote somewhere, (probably on one of your blogs) that said something like, "Discipline is really just remembering. Remembering your goals and acting on them." I know that is gross oversimplification, but I kind of like it. I know when I catch myself making a choice that is clearly contradicting one of my goals (cutting a run short, not doing the rehab, not icing, chugging two liters of mountain dew at midnight...) I say to myself, "Self? Do you want to run an ultra or not? Right now it looks like...not." Sometimes that doesn't change my action right away, but sometimes it does, and I am at least thinking about the consequences...


So teh wifey was a track coach (long distance, of course) in a previous life. And of late we have enjoyed watching the antics of one of her former athletes who has had some incredible success, winning this year's Pikes Peak ascent and being named a member of U.S. Mountain Running Team for the third time. He was always one of those great kids you love to teach, and he was always one of the crazy guys who if you told him to sprint ten miles up a mountain, he would get done and say, "Can I do that again?"

He's running the Leadville Trail 100 miler this weekend, so best wishes Mr. Tim!

Day 595 1.0 in 11:45.