Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 527 - 531 The Insanity Continues

Hi there. Greetings from your average, ordinary, streak-running idiot. Good News and Bad News on the running front.

Good News: On Saturday I decided, why not just keep doing the ultra training plan? See what happens? How far can I go? That means hey let's go run an 8 miler! Yeah. And since I've been running piddling one milers for so long, lets do some SPEED! (Yeah I know it's all relative.) Lets practice the 5 minutes running one minute walking approach, and really bust those five minute stretches. End result? 8 miles in 80:47 which considering there was (after one mile of continuous running mind you) about eleven minutes of speed walking in there, pretty ridiculously fast for me. Yeah me!

Bad News: Who was the idiot who decided to run more than one mile? Did he forget what the knife-like pain in the knee feels like the day after? One hour after? The limping? The dread of stairs? The looks, the pointing, the snickering, the "what happened to you??"? Apparently he did. Someone smack him.

Right so I'm still pondering/looking for a specialist to go to, and looking at the physical therapy orders the doctor gave. Apparently there are some opinions out there that suggest PT for runner's knee type issues, which this could be. Enh. I kinda wish it wouldn't stop hurting because then maybe I would have fewer of these insanity moments...

Back to the leg-dragging one milers. Cheers! :)

527 - 1.2 in 12:35 followed by 45 minutes of soccer. The twisted ankle says hi!
528 - 1.0 in 11:42
529 - 1.0 in 12:01
530 - 8.0 in 80:47 - The rain and hail, hope you are doing well...
531 - 1.0 in 13:42 - running like I live in Notre Dame and spend a lot of time at the chiropractor...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 521-526 - Streakrun Theater

Doctor, my knee hurts when I run.

Then don't run.

Thus sums up my visit to the doctor. Sort of. Let me try again.

Doctor, my knee hurts when I run.

OK sit on this table and extend your knee.

Ace extends his knee.


Wow yeah there is some serious swelling there. Why don't you
extend your other knee, to compare.


Uhh wow does that one hurt too?

Right so I've been ordered onto four weeks of physical therapy. I'm not sure exactly how that will help. But someone's gotta make money in this health care system. I did ask about the whole running thing (though I managed to avoid mentioning the run every day thing.) The response was, "You should stop running. If you don't, it will take a lot longer to heal." To my streak running ears this sounded more like, "if you are a pitiful whiny wimp then yeah stop running. Otherwise get out of here and get some miles in already!" Right.

Then there is the actual running. As long as I do one mile, there really is no pain. Doing more than one mile = pain starts. Doing anything more than a few miles results in pain during the run and limping the next day.

Gonna have to get this figured out. My cynicism about the whole thing is probably showing through. Ultra is out. Marathon take two is out. Bleh.

Hey have a happy, wonderful, feel good day!

Actually there are much worse things than some mild knee pain. I just have a "flair"? for the dramatic....

521 1.0 in 11:10
522 1.0 in 11:32
523 1.0 in 10:32
524 1.0 in 10:22
525 1.0 in 10:55
526 2.35 in 26:14

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 518-520 Running about "nothing"

So the part I didn't mention before, was that after the day of six miles of running, a couple of hours of hiking, and helping a friend move for a few hours, the knee was barking, loudly. Imagine that?
On to the doctor today. I'm assuming its a nice overuse-type injury that they will tell me to stop running for, and I will say something like, "uh yeah about that."

I saw a really interesting link to an old lifehacker post that seemed relevant to the whole streaking thing. Its about "Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret." Basically it outlines the idea that instead of trying to sit down and write jokes for hours on end, his goal is to write something every day. He gets a big calendar, and each day that he sits down and writes at least a few jokes, he makes a big red 'X' through that day. Then after seeing the Xs Jerry states

""After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain."

This is exactly what encompasses the streak. Personally after having done it a little while, I don't think doing a running streak is that big a deal, but occassionally people will ask, "how do you do that? or why do you keep going?" My response is, I don't want to break the streak. The logical part of my brain says, that just makes you an obsessive/complulsive fool, (the logical part isn't very friendly sometimes) but I think its somehow part of building new and more productive habits. If you can somehow make it part of your routine, then it becomes much easier, and you feel more compelled to keep going. Stopping after three days would have been REALLY easy. Stopping after 520 is much harder... /endpersonalproductivityspoutings

So hey have a great run and you know, yada yada yada.

518 1.0 in 10:20
519 1.0 in 10:42
520 1.0 in 11:58

Monday, June 1, 2009

My name is Mud

So sometimes in life you pull really boneheaded moves.  Like the time I forgot to check my passport to see if it needed renewal until three days before I left on an international trip (it had expired.)  or the time my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to throw snowballs at cars, or most recently the time I omitted my sister in the thanks to the blog commenters video.  Right.

There isn't any way I can take that back, but here's an attempt to rectify the situation.

Thanks sis.  Since we are always thinking the same thing about everything, hopefully you know that I love you and think you are the bestest.  

p.s. She ran a half-marathon on TWO training runs?  Is she not teh awesome?

p.p.s. For all the other peoples I forgot...I'm going to start another blog

Day 515-517 A Meditation on Commenting

Are you like me?  Do you like the comments?  Does it feed your urge to blog?  Does it help get you out the door at times?  Do you dream about the "high" of getting a new comment?  Have you been diagnosed with full-blown addiction? 

I'm not probably to those levels, but it is fun to receive them.  I tend to analyze these things, as I do most parts of my life and so I ask questions.  Why do people comment?  Why do I comment on other people's blogs?  Is it only in hopes that they might comment back?  Am I completely self-serving in my commenting practices, or am I travelling along the high road of altruistic friendship and encouragement to individuals who have communicated insight and meaning to me through their writing?  Does it matter that we've never met in the "meat world"? 

I don't have answers to all those questions, but I think its pretty sweet that a few of you have gone out of your way to give encouragement and post your witty hilarity on this site.  
Thus I wanted to say thanks in a unique way.  I do love the animoto action and thus for everyone that I could remember that has ever left a comment, or a link to this site, I went to YOUR sites, scraped a few photos and made this.....

Thanks for the words, they truly mean a lot!  (Sorry for the sappiness....I need to go cry in my half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon now...and watch rugby to balance it out.)

p.s. Some of you don't post many photos so I had to be creative. 

p.p.s. I tried to find some moments of "triumph", though for some of you, those clearly are not running related...  :)

515 1.0 in 10:42
516 6.0 in 66:04
517 1.0 in 12:02