Thursday, February 18, 2010

185 Days to go, 35 # to go, 1456 miles to go - All the News You Need to Know - About Ninjas!

I'm trying to squeeze as much possible information into my blog titles as possible.  My next post will have a title that will add listings of things like, how many loads of running clothes laundry have to be done before August 21st, and how many times I will wake up screaming from a nightmare about going up Hope Pass with a piano strapped on my back before the race starts.  Its a public service really.  That and its a denial of service attack on your news reader software, again another public service...

So I added up all the miles left in my training plan and realized I have 1456 miles left.  Lets forget thats almost twice the number I wound up with last year, all in the next six months or so.  Really, I'm trying to forget about it.  I'm also trying to forget about the weekly mileage numbers approaching the number of wins the Tigers had last year (more than 80, shocking isn't it?).   I think the days need to be elongated to allow my plodding self to cover that kind of distance.  Thirty - forty hours per day should do.

Thanks for the linkz from Running is Funny.  Kudos to any blog that gives extended coverage to races that involve eating doughnuts.

Also big link lovez to my sis (who also happens to be a ninja) who had a nice run in some very pleasant weather.

What did I do today to make it up Hope Pass twice?  Uhh I skipped my two mile speed workout.  Yeah me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

188 Days to go, 34.5 # to go, Winter Series 10 mile Race Report - The Victory!

I ran a "race" yesterday.  You can see a very eloquent and pictorial review of the event over here at Happy Trails.  I will say there would be a few differences between his race description and mine.  Basically any time you see Mr. Happy Trails talking about "running fast" or "keeping up with the gazelles" or "sub 7 minutes/mile pace" just replace those in your mind with "trudgingly slow"  or "getting passed by three-toed sloths" or "finish before they close the course" and you will have a pretty good picture of what went on.  OK obligatory slow guy humor out of the way.  It was a pretty fun day.  Getting to meet Mr. Happy Trails was very cool.  He is a very nice guy (how many people stick around forty minutes after their race is done just to catch the end of other peoples'  races?) and it was nice to meet him. (Next time maybe we'll meet Mrs. H.T. also!)  The other friend I was with was having some knee trouble but still managed to push through and have a great time.  And there were doughnuts.  Chocolate ones.  Chocolate Donettes to be exact.  Seriously is there any other better post-run recovery food?

I should also point out that I made my goal.  No, not a time goal, a PR goal, a feel good goal, or a have fun goal.  No.  Much more important.  I made the front page of my local running club website.  Though I don't post many pictures of myself (aesthetic reasons mostly :)) I do have a tendency to try and "spice up" any pics, running or otherwise, that I may appear in.  The local running club takes pictures and then posts some "interesting" ones on the front page after local races.  Well of course this means a challenge, namely, can I come up with a running pose that will "bring home the gold"?  Well, I finally succeeded.  Really its the small victories that count, right?

In case they for some strange reason (like a sudden cratering of their web traffic) take it down from the site.  Here is the pic for your viewing pleasure.  This is at mile 8-9ish.

Photo courtesy Tom Dewane

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

194 Days to Go, 37# to go - I don't want to be a runner

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." - Mark Twain
Amen brother Twain. Time to work on the confidence...

I feel like I have commented on this issue before, but apparently it continues to raise its ugly head.  

My oldest sis, is signed up to do the Fargo marathon.  This is an awesome thing, and she is going to have an amazing race. However some "friends" (a loose term) of hers made the bold statement that "anyone who doesn't run every step of the race, isn't really running it, and isn't a runner." (Quotes here indicate my second hand interpretive paraphrase.) Well, excuse me for going all obnoxiously medieval on your backsides, but I find that a whole big load of bunk.

I know the argument regularly flares up and spews out in running circles, about the "slow" runners "polluting" the marathon and such things.

e.g. The usual mish mash:

Overall review of both sides
In support of slow pokes
Anti-Slow Marathoners

  But to suggest that anyone who doesn't run every step isn't a runner? IMHO these comments are absolutely ignorant. Now I'm not so ignorant to suggest that every elite marathoner uses the Jeff Galloway Walk/Run method (something another person tried to convince me of) but to me if you gotta walk, walk. And I clearly understand the differences between a dooood like me finishing a marathon in 5 hours + and a Boston Qualifier, but for people (who, btw HAVE NEVER RUN A STINKIN' MARATHON) to tear someone down who is trying to do something amazing? If being a runner means I have to be a snob, run under 2:50 marathon times, and/or having all my running clothes be complementary colors, then I clearly am not a runner (red, green, bright yellow, and orange ftw!). My suggestion to these "friends"? Kindly, shut yer yapper. kthxbai
p.s. Apparently these people aren't runners either, cus they walked a bunch and stuff...

Derek Redmond, British record holder and World Champion (pulled a hamstring in an Olympic race, still finished)

Paula Radcliffe, Women's Marathon World Record Holder (she had to walk to the side of the road to...take a pit stop...) (if you want that video you can youtube it yourself...)

Friday, February 5, 2010

196 Days to Go, 38# to go - Climbing the Mountain

“I believe that if you set out on an adventure and you’re absolutely convinced you are going to be successful, why bother starting?” — Sir Edmund Hillary

I've got no problem with overconfidence.  Most of the time I wonder if I can make it to the finish of my next two mile run.  Thus according to the logic of dear ol' Edmund it is time to get going!  The training has been going well.  Other than the fact that I skipped a short run yesterday (shocking!).  I'm back in the twenty miles plus per week range, and I'm feeling motivated to keep grinding towards the goal.  10% weekly mileage increases, one at a time.


There are a couple of obstacles (challenges?  opportunities? Happy Fun Balls? other optimist-flavored fluffy terms?)  that are raising their ugly heads.  So lets just be blunt shall we?  Identify the enemy,  analyze its weaknesses, and then attack.  And don't forget to pack the moist towelettes.

Here they are:
     1.  Plantar Fascitis  My self-described term of endearment for this is P.F. Kang.  (As in Kang the Conqueror.)  This is my own self-diagnosis, but as far as I can read, I meet every symptom.  And I'm getting really sick of it.  Basically I've been running with pain in both heels/feet for most of the last two years, through the streak, and up to now.  The heel pain comes and goes a little bit, but I walk around at work perpetually limping and I have to keep answering questions like, "What in the world is wrong with you!?"  and "Why do you have that pained look on your face?"  and "Why are you having conversations with the office plants again?" Let me just say it doesn't really sell streak running or running in general when you are constantly dragging a leg behind you.  Thus I need to attack it (raging, Hulk style me thinks).  I thought this site, of the many I've looked at, seemed to have some good practical advice for self treatment, and defeat of the P.F. Kang mosnter.  One of the challenges associated with P.F Kang of course leads to the next item...

     2.  Lose some weight!  Since I started running, I'm down a net of 50#s.  I'm pretty happy with this, as it was one of my goals for starting to run again, but I am not satisfied.  Besides all the, if you lose X pounds you will run Y minutes/mile faster (less time running, yeah!),  and the whole ten times your body weight crashing down on your joints when you run, and hey wouldn't it be nice to not have to examine the structural integrity of every chair you plan to sit on?  I know that packing a piano on your back, doesn't help one get up and down Hope Pass two times (the highest point (12,200') on the Leadville 100 course).  So its time to get back at it, and start moving the needle down again.  I think 38 more 16oz tubs of I Can't Believe it's Not Butter would be a good start.

Its probably a little obsessive, but I remember a motivational speaker-type story from way back, where the protagonist was asked by his mentor on a regular basis,  "What did you do today, to make it possible to achieve your goal?"  I like that question.  So I'm going to start asking myself that question on a regular basis.  That and other questions like "Does all you can eat, really mean all you CAN eat?  Or perhaps something else?"  or "Why did I have to endure the emotional pain and suffering caused by Jar Jar Binks?  Why George?  Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!"

What did you do today to achieve your goal(s)?