Friday, April 30, 2010

113 Days to go - Facing Down the Diapers

And not just any diapers mind you, the Ultra absorbent diapers!  And of course not really diapers (however there are no port-a-johns on the course, I wonder...) but the Ultramarathon.  I know, I know, its not a "REAL" ultramarathon since it is ONLY 31.07 miles, but when you've never run more than 26.2 I will not be the one mincing words.  

Tomorrow is the big day.  Ultra-time.  Ultra man.  The weather forecast has some nice snow and rain and wind, and with the snow and rain and wind from the previous days it all should add up to some nice mud (Ultra-weather)!  At this point I have no thoughts about all of this (Ultra-empty brain).  Mostly I try not to think about it (Ultra-Ignorance).  Such thinking is bliss, and puts off the pain and suffering a bit farther (Ultra-denial).  So it should be lots of fun (Ultra-sarcasm), and I'm really looking forward to it (Ultra-flat out lie).  I have no doubts I will make the time (Ultra-no pretense towards truthfulness remains).

Have a great weekend!  (Ultra-OK I actually mean that one)

Monday, April 26, 2010

117 Days to Go - Running Accounting

Well one week to go until the 50k on Saturday.  Thankfully we got some major snow this last weekend, so the course should be nice and muddy.  I wouldn't want this thing to be too easy, after all it's only 31.07 miles or so.  Sheesh.  Why bother?

Then there is the whole accounting of the "actuals" of  running vs the "budgeted" running plan.

This last week the running budget said, (in a deep, menacing, Chief Financial Officer voice "You shall run 48 miles, with back-to-back runs on Saturday and Sunday of 22 and 10 miles."  Meanwhile, the actual running voice said (in a wimpy, thick glasses, and orthopedic shoes voice) "Maybe you should uh, you know taper for that race next weekend.  Yeah thats it taper.  That sounds scientific.  Never mind that race is just a training run, cut back, live a little. Maybe something like twenty miles total?  Sweeeeee-dish."

So I didn't exactly hit the mark.  And really haven't the last three weeks in a row, but who is counting?

Besides if I was fully trained, it might not be a real challenge.  We wouldn't want that now would we?   /snicker.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

123 Days to Go - Pick up the Pace!

Hey oh by the way I'm running an "ultramarathon" in eleven days.  Yeah I know its only a 50k, but it does technically count.  Oh and all these race reports are freaking me out.  Like where these sub-four hour marathoners put in finishes on this course of over six and a half hours!  Yikes.  It is going to be an interesting day.  

There was a great deal of doubt as to whether I was actually going to run due to my sons' soccer games (I am the coach of both teams) but due to a providential scheduling miracle their games don't start until 3pm.  With the race starting at 8AM that means I have approximately 6 hours 15 minutes to finish the race, jump in my car (will I still be able to jump at that point?) and race down to the park and run around and coach the chaos theory which makes up youth soccer for three hours.  Right.  6 hours and 15 minutes.  Right.  Judging by the 20 mile time I put in this weekend, I'm not sure the eight hour time limit when the course closes would be enough.

I guess it just means its time to bring the speed, hawtsawss style!

Racing flats anyone?

Friday, April 16, 2010

126 Days to Go - "Fear is Useful"


Too fat.  Too slow.  Too wimpy.  Too tired.  Too weak.  I'm weak inside.  I've never run that far.  I don't even like running.  My knee is gonna bail.  My back will give out.  I don't think I can run two miles let alone 100.  Not enough air.  What if I run off a cliff?  What if I get renal failure or hyponatremia?  My feet won't survive. What if I don't even make it to 50 miles?  25 miles?  Ten miles?  One mile!  What if I don't even make it to the start line?  I'm a quitter.  I can't do it.  People are going to pay good money/sacrifice vacation time/train hard just to be on my crew and I won't even make it to mile 50 so they can do anything.  I don't want it bad enough.  I've skipped workouts.  I've cut runs short.  I've wimped out many times already.  I'm soft.  Also, too fat.  It's impossible.  This is too tough.  The climbs are too much.  The downhills are too brutal.  The heat will melt me.  The sun will crisp my lily-white skin. This is for real runners, not posers.  What if I pass out?  I've told too many people... People might find out the truth about me.  Too stupid, too clueless, too inexperienced, too everything, too nothing

What if I fail?

...What if I never try?

It is time to go for a run...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

128 Days to go - Perseverance

Wow.  So my drive to post blog entries, log miles, actually run, train to complete races has been waning a bit.  And by bit, what I mean is totally absent.  But like the Spring Baseball season now progressing, hope springs eternal.  So we are going to, in the words of Hans Gruber, "Hit it again!"

What I needed today to get me going was this video which was posted on the Leadville Traill 100 news group.

At the end it shows the tragic moment when 30 hours hits and there are runners, literally in sight of the finish line, who don't make it...