Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 370, 371 372, 373

OK the back has returned to semi-normal now.  I promised myself a week of one milers if I made the 800 goal, so there ya go.  A week of "rest."  Now its on to the next goal....this, I'm struggling with.  It needs to be sort of like the first one was, ridiculous, impossible, a really bad idea all together.  All ideas outside of modelling speedos, and accessorizing with my man bra will be entertained.  Keep in mind, that this summarizes my running philosophy....

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Vava said...

Nice! Man boobs do suck... Why does everything always sound funnier in a Scottish accent?

Personally, I think you should look to adding a couple of races to your 2009 goals and train towards those. It won't require running every day, but I think it will be easier to stay motivated.