Day Five

It is a Saturday. Ventured forth to the great outdoors since it was in the mid 50s and I wanted to get it done without having to go to the gym. After the wife ran home I went and ran from our house to Stetson Hills rd (including a three minute walk warmup and stretching.) I ran 14:43 in very windy weather. It was with me on the way out, and up the hill, and against me on the way back and down the hill, which I think is about as good as you can get it. The wifey said it is .7 to Stetson Hills which means I would have done about 1.25 miles today. Forgot to mention that I got new running shoes yesterday? Nice. Exciting. They look funny. They are this weird bright, almost electric blue. They are comfy, but perhaps a little tight. Size 12 instead of 12.5. No one makes 12.5 it would seem. Got them at Boulder Running Company, had really good experiences there before, but not this time. Guy just wanted me out of there I think, kept making excuses for things. Anyway, the shoes are a lot better than my annhilated pair I had before, I don't think they are as "cushy" (technical term of my own devices) but I hope they last 360 more days, that would be a lot of miles actually. I thought about naming my shoes, thinking they should have names related to the topics of pain and suffering, not my own but their's from being pounded by my immense girth. ;) Ha ha ha, I made a funny.


Linnea said…
How long did they make it?

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