Three Week Summary

OK a little over three weeks down and here is what we have seen so far.

Week One 8.5 miles covered. 94 minutes and 47 seconds. Average is 1.21 miles in 13:34. Not bad!

Week Two 10.24 miles covered. 114 minutes approx. Average is 1.46 miles in 16:16 moving up!

Week Three 9.6 miles covered. 112:47 minutes approx. Average is 1.37 miles in 16:07. Keep going!

So here is the site I think it would be neat to be on. The US Running Streak Assoc. If you run for at least 365 days in a row, one mile continuously then you can join the club. There are currently 161 people listed with active streaks. It would be cool to be on the list. It's in God's hands but I am going to give it a shot!


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