Day 54

OK what in the world was I thinking. I wanted to do a "longer" run so I asked my wife what kind of workout I should do. Then I went to the gym to do it. However as has happened about 3-4 times I fail to recall before I drive all the way there that on Sat/Sun the place closes at 6pm. thus I am left with running this outside, in the dark, in the "cold" weather. (My sister just ran the "Freeze your buns off 5-k" in Grand Forks ND. It was ten degrees. Descriptors are often relative.) So workout that killed me off was, five minutes of jogging warmup, run one minute HARD (not quite sprinting, though it was often as hard as I could go) then slow down and run two minutes slow, repeat this a total of ten times (thirty minutes) and then run five more minutes of cool down. Ouch this was hard, pain and suffering. I was barely running as fast as a walk if not slower at times. I did a total of 3.4 miles in just under forty two minutes (took longer to get back than go out.) I was hurting throughout and especially at the end. I don't like to hurt this much. Whose idea was it to run this much anyway? I did do the whole workout so it was an accomplishment I guess? My wife describes this as weight lifting for running. Great. I'd rather lift a twinkie.


Linnea said…
Yeah for fartleks!! At least I think thats what they're called.

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