Day 58

OK so every two days or so, for some reason I get it into my head that I've suddenly become Edwin Moses and try to run too far and too fast. Did it again today, and probably messed up my shins, oh well. Ran 2.8 miles. Time is estibated at 31 minutes or so. Ran the first 2 miles in 21 minutes and change. First four minutes were at 6.2mph, then I started alternating between 6.5 and 5.5, then after a while it was 6.5 for a min, 5.0 for a min, 5.5 for a min, and then I started walking and going back and then just all walking. Achilles/heel is painful, shins are painful the day after. 17 days to go. My sister is coming!


Linnea said…
I agree. Almost every time I start to run after taking a break of more than a day or so. A conversation like this starts in my head, "Come on Linnea, you're such a wimp, just run already. All you have to do is move your legs. A 10 minute mile is pitiful, just run fast and keep going. It's not that long, you just have to pysch your brain out." After about ten seconds, I laugh and say, "Who am I kidding?" Then I plod on.

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