One month update

Hey milestones are a good thing right? 31 days in a row is the most I've ever run. Even competing in sports in high school and college I never did that. Am I crazier now? Maybe in a few little ways. You have to grasp for those in the midst of your need to be a responsible husband and father figure role (please do not read this as I want something different, i don't.)

Total Mileage: 43.09
Total time: 487:30 minutes

Average mileage: 1.39
Average time: 15:43

Not bad at all! At this rate, over the course of the year I would have covered approx 517 miles. If I don't increase any more which I hope to. This is going to take a lot of time. Already at 80 hours, a couple of work weeks! As the column in Runner's World occassionally says, Keep Plodding! (or something to that effect, shuffle on friends?)


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