Day 60

Day 60

OK so I did some research, and it seems pretty clear that shin splints are developing. It is sort of nerve wracking because I have had major problems with this before and it caused me on more occassion to barely be able to walk for months in one case. Thus I am going to try every treatment known to man, cut down the mileage and effort and see if we can get through this.

Thus I have been doing some new and old stretches, icing after workouts, doing some exercises, and I will try some wraps/massage/epsom salts if I have to.

Ran one mile at 5.0 mph (12 minutes.)

As is typical apparently with shin splints it felt fine after getting thins warmed up, but before and after, like all day after, you can feel it...

Also trying to do more weight lifting, the plan is to do some circuit training type stuff to not lose too much cardio capacity. We shall see.

Don't want to be stupid about this, but I also don't want to give up!

Waddle on, one more day down.


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