Day 86

OK so today I pretended that I was a real runner. Shhhhh don't tell anyone. There is huge 10k coming up called the Bolder Boulder (has like 50,000 people running it.) "the company " usually does a marketing thing where people get "the company"  shirts for the race and related things. My wife was going to run it, but I think it is going to be too expensive. Anyway, they are having Wednesday lunch hour training sessions for those who are going to run the race. I decided I would join them. When I got there, only a few people were there and it looked like they were going to mostly walk. I did a warmup walk down the trail, having started a bit behind them and then started running. The "the company"  walking trail is not too long so I decided to branch out to one of the roads because I didn't really want to run the loop over and over, (hilly and I would have to keep running by the walkers, or they might pass me...) As I went out I was passed by another "the company" dude I know, who is a marathoner and in shape and fairly fast. So I decided to follow him as I figured he probably knew the best places to run. He jumped off the road onto a trail then went through a tunnel with shallow running water on to the magical Santa Fe trail which goes through the Academy. Whoosh, talk about being a pretender. There were all these dudes cruising up and down the trail (ok only a couple groups.) Anyway I did my thirty minutes in the 50mph winds, and the fairly warm sun (felt hot to me.) Didn't exactly do a negative split and did my cooldown walk the little bit left back to the office. So it was nice to do it in the middle of the day other than being overheated for the afternoon office sessions which always happens. And I almost felt like a runner, other than the extreme plodding, gasping for air on the massive hills, and running style. 30 mins, approx 2.5 miles.


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