Random thoughts from me

I just looked at the main page of this and realized I ran for 84 days! Is that crazy or what? I really can't believe I've made it this far. Who knows if we will hit 365, but just to come this far, it is very unlike me in some ways. Usually I fall off the wagon after a week or two. Still a long ways to go, but if nothing else there were 84 days of running. I might have to start a few other streaks....if I can do one, why not others. Whoah, better stop, almost stopped being a cynical pessimist for a second there....
Waddle on!


Linnea said…
So my question is do I have to wait until I'm an old fart like you to taste the same sweetness of being on a consistent streak? Cause I'm hardly consistent in anything(except of course not being consistent, bwahah)

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