Day 114

Back at it, feeling pretty decent. Ran twenty minutes at 5.4. 1.8 miles or so. I want to get the daily average for mileage higher. Right now it is at 1.45 miles / day. It was 1.4 til I ran an hour and that bumped it. Its going to take a lot to get it higher, but it is possible. It would nice to hit say 600 or 650 miles for the year. Listen to me, like I'm going to make it even one more day, ha.


Popsie said…
Hey Dude. Keep up the great work! I am energized by your endeavors. I completed my third day of walking. I did 2.25 miles in 40 minutes on an incline of 3%. It makes me appreciate your goal all the more! Now if you could only find a pitcher for your baseball team. :)

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