Day 146 aka 10 kilos

Today I ran 10 kilometers. 6.2 miles in 69:10. Who is that fool in Day 141 talking about six laps? I ran twelve laps today. My way kewl family cheered me on for each lap. We had talked about doing the boulder boulder but opted out to save money, thus I did my own race.

Srsly 6.2 miles. I know that isn't a long ways, but for me it is. I even ran it at a decent pace, for me. Started going downhill the last two laps. And it was on a hilly course. OK enough gloating. Thanks God for letting me finish.

I have to run tomorrow? Oh the pain....


Linnea said…
WOW! 69 minutes? That's awesome... but I mean seriously man... are you sure the time was.. you know accurate, I mean, I'm just saying... that sounds pretty fast and all...:-)

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