Day 209

2.35 in 26:55. Again I felt like running 13.1. (Half-marathon.) I like running at night, in the dark. Especially in the summer where it is cool and you can wear a t-shirt and shorts, no parka and headlamp to see the ice. I also like it because no one else is out there. No other idiots are dumb enough probably. But it feels like you are by yourself. Something I like. Living in the city it is VERY hard to get away from people, but somehow it feels like you are by yourself running outside at night, on a summer evening. American Pie (Don McLaren) seems to resonate even more...I actually felt/pretended that I was running fast. Trees, signs, things were zooming past me as I cruised into the night. No one there just me. Strange, this was almost an enjoyable experience...;)


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