Day 217

I'm in Las Vegas for a week, and I'm sick. Fever and brain-splitting headache. Took some tylenol, slept for a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon and then went out for a run. The one nice thing about running in Las Vegas is that it is flat, pretty much everywhere. The bad things include, heat, trash, drivers with a palpable death wish for a pedestrian, crime, heat, and more heat. Even in the evening with 100% cloud cover it was HOT. However I did have a first. It rained. In the desert. Admittedly it was only a sparse few droplets, but I did feel it. That is the first time I have ever seen rain in all the times I have been here. Wild, wacky stuff. One mile or so in 12:13.

Edit: 1.19 miles according to gmaps.


Linnea said…
Well guess what! I have great news for you. You're going to love running in Grand Forks once you move up here! It's flat EVERYWHERE! And not hot!! Weeeee... anyway, a position just opened in the theater department for one of the main teachers... you know directing, acting all those fun classes and they told me personally that they want you. Ok, so maybe that's not quite right. But they'll be thinking it in no time. I don't think they'll advertise the position this semester though with such short notice but soon. Soon you will live here. err I mean... ooops haha my secret plan is no longer secret.

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