Day 228

Anyone else like running in the rain? My wife rain six miles as part of her marathon prep (she runs in about two weeks) and somehow hit the one hour this morning where it didn't rain. She was rather jealous and I don't blame her. There is something about splashing around as everyone drives to work around you that makes you feel like you are doing something a little crazy. Also it distracts from the whole running thing....I woke up late and thus only did one mile in about 10:30. Tried to do some surging/sprinting to justify in my mind the piddling distance. Heh. Ah well. I'm sure my turn in the corporate dunk tank which occurs later today will count for some invigoration, right?


Vava said…
Nice work! Haven't run in the rain yet, but I can see your point and will look forward to my first. Thanks for adding me to yout blog list! Also, good luck to your wife on her marathon. That distance is insane, rain or no rain! Cheers!

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