Day 229

Ran four miles. OK Colorado Springs has officially become Seattle, WA. Not that you care about weather stats, but we've had 7" of rain in the last ten days. K-razy. Thus I got to run in the rain again. Earlier in the day my wife had mentioned that a 4 mile loop that follows a trail along a ravine would be crazy due to the immense amounts of rain we have had and were having. Thus this determined my route for the day. Followed the path, there were a couple river fordings and such which were entertaining. The part that was not entertaining was my stomach. (Warning: disgusting discussion about to ensue.) So about a mile in, it hit. You know that, oh dang I need to use the can right now feeling. However in this case I told myself ahhh you can make it. Well truth is, I didn't make it. Thankfully I wasn't on a city street and had some smallish bushes to squat near, but the truth came out. Anyone else ever experience this? Does this count as a notch in my running belt? Yeah I'd go into the gory details, but nobody wants to hear that, or shake my hand in the near future... 4 miles in 48 minutes including "pit stop" time.


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