Day 230

So the running in the morning consistency didn't last too long. Back at it at night when the day is done. Two miles in 24:41 one lap I did with my five year old son who couldn't resist getting out and running. Are we creating a monster? The best part was that I was doing the .5 mile loop around our house at my children's request so that they could run alongside for a bit, cheer me on, and probably mostly postpone going to bed. So I left a bit before they came out to walk and then stretch, and as I was walking back the three year old and five year old were standing in the front yard. It was very dark and overcast so when they finally saw me coming they started yelling "That's my dad, here comes my dad!" There was something surreal about seeing/hearing two little lives yell that out, I never thought I'd hear that. There was also something obnoxious about it to our neighbors, but they'll just have to deal... :)


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