Day 244

Pain and suffering, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I came prepared, two water bottles, a bottle of gatorade, towel, cliff blocks energy food/stuff, some jelly bean energy stuff, mp3 player, and a bad attitude. OK minus the attitude. I basically used up drink holders on two treadmills. This run did not go very well. I wanted to quit after one mile. After three miles I was ready to lay down and quit running for ever. Good thing there were supposed to be only nine more miles to go. I made 11 miles in 2:16. It wasn't the twelve it was supposed to be, but it was the best I could do. I think I could have crawled a couple more miles, but it would have been even less attractive than the first eleven were. The first six miles were completed in 64 minutes, the next five in seventy two. Yes there were walk breaks. And crawling breaks. And hey just one more mile arguments in my head. Overall getting to eleven was good for sort of bonking continually throughout the run. I estimate that I lost ten pounds, mostly of sweat through the run. Good times.


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