Day 259 - put another log on the fire

OK so I thought I should probably give a little more detail in the title heading besides thenumber of the day.  Of course this suggests that there is some sort of variety or distinction in the post itself, which of course there is little.  And being the sardonic, wry, obtuse individual that I am, there will likely wind up being very little correlation between the title and post anyway.  All that to say that put another log on the fire has nothing to do with running two miles in 18:50 other than perhaps the metaphorical sense of igniting an enormous bonfire of athleticism through another daily run.  This bonfire grows with leaps and bounds, the tongues of flame incessantly reaching and striving to consume more and more fuel, as the immolation itself reaches to the stars in a futile act of combustion.  /end fruity metaphor text.


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