Day 263 - ctrl-c, ctrl-v

Copy and paste for those who don't like keyboard shortcuts like me.  4.5 miles along the "trail" near the "creek" past the site of my ignominious squatting...Today I felt slow.  Especially when some dooood came up behind me and smoked me, then stopped, took off his shoe, started a fire, had a barbeque, invited some friends, danced the night away, cleaned up, put his shoe back on and continued running, all before I caught up with him.  You know, at least the shoe part.  Time was slow 51?  Running with my doooods is the best.  I think I should run all my miles with them.  This time I was an American prisoner and they were the Redcoats.  When I said I wouldn't desert and join the British army they just shot me.  lol.


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