Day 265 - Have you ever wondered?

So after my run today, I was trying to figure out why I would do something like that?  What would actually motivate me to run for two hours?  I'm not exactly training for a race or anything noble like that.  My goal of 366 days is not affected whether I run one mile or eleven.  I'm not fast or pretty to look at while running.  I'm not going to make 1000 miles for the year  So why bother?  My wifey made some interesting comments on the whole runner thing, I encouraged her to write them down.  Much of it made sense.  I can relate to the whole "fooling yourself in to running farther."  Does anyone else ever do the whole, 

"yeah just one more mile, then we stop, thats all we have to do, just one more mile then its over, ok we just finished, well now its only a few more miles to go, you might as well just do one more mile, just 10-11-12 - ha minutes to go, you can run 10 minutes right? 10 minutes, you can crawl 10 minutes, just do that much and then we'll quit, we'll take a break, stop running, maybe we'll be done for good, this is it just ten more minutes....(continue for two hours)"

  I do have a desire to improve, to get better, to make each outing a little bit faster/longer/stylistic-ha than the one before.  I guess that is it, and I guess I've gotten into a little bit of a habit.  Not that I like it, lets not go crazy or anything, but I did finish...I'd like to do that more often, and this year, I have!

11.01 miles in 1:59:10.


Vava said…
I used to have to fool myself in the way that you describe, but that was back in my swimming days when I absolutely hated running. Now, I haven't reached the point where I have to do that, and in fact have to hold myself back. On that note, I haven't done a good enough job holding back as I skip from one injury to another... In short, running is not boring to me anymore.

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