Week 35 totals

Total miles: 31.05!
Total time: 358:06 almost six hours..
Avg miles: 4.44
Avg time: 51:09
Avg pace: 11:31
Progressing avg miles: 1.94

Total mileage: 475.83
Total time: 5321:35
Total Avg time: 21:43
Total Avg pace: 11:11

Year long projections:
Mileage: 710.83
Time: 7949:47

Made the goal. Back to eight mile weeks? ;)
Sounds good to me. Either that or forty...


Vava said…
Awesome mileage! Just a four short months to go and you will have accomplished your amazing feat. Looking forward to that, and seeing what you'll be up to afterwards.

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