Week 37 - the week of the 8' furry banana

For an explanation of the title, see the previous post.

Mileage: 23.2
Time: 241:12
Avg mileage: 3.31
Avg time: 34:27
Avg pace: 10:23
Progressing avg miles: 1.975019

Year long totals:  
Total miles: 511.53
Total average time:22:02
Total average pace:  11:09

Year long projections
Mileage: 722.85707
Time: 8065:35

10:23 average pace is smokin'! You know for the dude who's packing an extra kilo or fifty...Broke the 500 mile mark which is nice, and I am oh so achingly close to that hallowed two miles / day average.  It has taken a long time to get it this close.  If I have another decent week we should hit it...to borrow a line, waddle on...


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