Week 38 - 2.0 and ready to go

Mileage; 30.01
Time: 335:36
Avg Miles: 4.29
Avg Time: 47:56
Avg Pace: 11:10
Progressing Avg miles: 2.04!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total mileage: 541.54
Total time: 6043:13  Over 100 hours
Total Avg time: 22:43
Total Avg pace: 11:09

Year long projections: 
    mileage:  745.13
    time: 8315:06

So breaking the 2 mile/day average is pretty exciting for me.  Looking back, the average after week one was 1.21  Over the last twenty weeks I brought it up .25 miles /day in ten weeks, twice.    Laws of averages make that pretty interesting.  Have to overcome all those weeks  (17) were I ran less than the two hours I ran in one day a few days back.  Time to set a new goal, and maintain this one of course.


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