Day 275,276,277,278,279

Yeah I'm lazy.  In more ways than one.  For the previous days I have run one mile / day in an average of 12:00.  Motivation is lagging.  Desire is absent.  Waddling seems like too much effort.  Then I go read the latest post here. Boy I need a heavy dose of reality more often.  Not that slowing down, or running less is bad, not that having some down times is the worst thing ever, but how about some perspective?  Set some goals, go after it, and GET IT DONE.  /endofstory.

Today seems like a good day for a 13.1 miler...  :)


Michael said…
Ace, you're an inspiration as well. On my best month I don't think I could run 31 straight days...but 366? You're amazing! Oh, and to answer your question on my blog...not only did you "say it out loud," you put it in writing! ;-)

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