So I made mention of kicking out a 13.1 miler and I did.  Thanks muchly to the motivation and encouragement of my wifey, without whom I think I would have stopped after Day 1.  and Day 2. and Day 3.  You get the idea.  She suggested 13.2 to be OVER the 13.1 mark.  The best I could do was 13.11.  My problem was I got behind in my hydration and then at the 1:45 mark ate some sport beans without drinking enough water to accompany them.  The end result of which I believe was me hugging the porcelain throne after the run was over.  Fun times!  I did make my goal time of 2:30 (2:29:30.)   My brain function devolves during that much running and also utters things like, I'm never running again, and such things.  Actually don't feel too bad the day after, thanks to the wifey helping me out with a recovery drink.  The wifey=tehr0x0rbombastickewlhawtsawss.  ftw.


Vava said…
Holy shit man! A half marathon!?!?! Amazing!

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