Day 294 - Lightsaber coming out of my head/beating the bunny/why not?

I needed 5.05 to make it to 600 for the year.  So I headed out into the dark and fog about 11:15 last night.  With the headlamp on in the fog, it looked like I had a giant yellow glowing lightsaber/club coming out of my head, right between my eyes.  It was just a little distracting.  2/3 of the way into the run the light started getting dim and then went out.  I was more than a little jazzed to think I had outrun my energizer batteries, but then realized they weren't totally dead, as the headlamp still worked in the funny "red light" mode.  I actually felt like a runner today.  Energy, feeling good, going farther than I thought.  I also thought more about goals and running longer races.  I'm thinking about trying a half and then a full with Michael in June.  We shall see.  What I mean when I say I'm thinking about it is that I told myself while running in my mentally decapacitated mode that I was definitely doing it, but I'm still being wishy washy about saying it, cus then I will actually have to do it.  I made about 4.7 miles before the day ran out.  It was more than one.  50 minutes.


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