Day 304 - Them's Fightin' Words!

Right.  So I've sort of avoided going to the doctor this year.  I sort of knew in the back of my mind if there was anything physically wrong I would get the, "Well stop running every day idiot" remarks.  Seeing as I have no intention of stopping, I just decided I didn't want to hear it.  Well the avoidance ended today as I stopped by for a checkup.  To no one's surprise I got the hey you are killing your joints you should stop now or you will wind up looking like Don Imus.  (That is a semi-accurate paraphrase, the Imus part is true.)  I'm not sure what running has to do with looking like a radio show host, but apparently there is direct cause effect relationship.  Needless to say the result of this was me being ticked.  Yeah I know pounding my joints everyday with my immense, uh personality maybe isn't the best idea since running the Boulder Pumpkin Run, but what is the alternative?  Eating my way to a diabetic stupor through pounding nacho cheese coated twinkes?  I know there is a nice convenient "middle ground"  that might involve cross training, taking a day off, blah blah blah not interested.  At least right now.  There will be a day, probably not far from now where I will take a day off, but as it has been said more eloquently by others, today is not that day.

3.25 in 33:46.

Don't drive angry.  Running is ok.


Linnea said…
I assume you mean January 1st right?
Vava said…
Dude, just keep on truckin! If you are still able to run everyday your joints can't be that badly damaged, and your body is bound to adapt if it hasn't already.
Ace said…
Vava, you bring up a good point on the body adaptation which I think is very true. Thanks!

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