Day 305 - rest day!

Seriously, I'm resting.  No running whatsoever.  Because I don't do that.  I run one day and then the next I REST.  Because that will save my joints!  I love my joints and wouldn't think of harming them in any way.  I would like the joints to stick around for a little while longer.  That is why I of course never think of offending and irreparably injuring them, the joints you know, by doing something silly like not taking a full day of rest after each run.  I am so SMRT!  

1.0 in 12:14.


Linnea said…
you know you could just stop complaining and run really early one day and then really late the next.
Ace said…
Sorry my mocking sarcasm probably isn't coming through properly. Unlike every other post where I am complaining, in this one I'm mocking the idea of not running. :)

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