Day 324 - running at the Mall

OK not the place that has Dillards's, Sears, and a run down movie theater with really small screens, the mall with the capitol building, WWII memorial and other war memorials, the Smithsonian museum(s) etc.  I was visithing the Air and Space museum which is incredible, and decided I would run on the mall.  In my dress clothes.  And my dress shoes.  Why?  Because I could.  My wife and I had visited a while back and saw some high powered types running on the mall during their "power lunch" and thought it would be neat.  So on the spur of the moment, I decided to jump into it.  It was pretty funny running along side (read as, them blowing by me like I was standing still, mostly)  all these high tech runner types with their elite running gear, shoes, and really important conversations, meanwhile I'm in dress clothes, my now famous new balance dress shoes, carrying my gift bag from the Smithsonian museum and snapping pics and vid on my cell phone.  It was quite the scene.  However I did run at the mall today.....pretty kewl if you ask me....

1.0 in 11:00.


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