Day 335 - Best non-wifey run ever!

We had about six inches of snow fall today.  The random shuffled playlist was jammin'  (I will not reveal the songs so as to not embarass those of you with lesser musical tastes who can't appreciate an occassional Jefferson Airplane diddy.)  I was happy running.  I don't say that every day.  In fact never.  It was a cold, dark winter evening, no cars on the road due to the prodigious snowfall.  The snow was falling quietly.  I felt good.  The snow made it feel like running on cushions.  There was a bit of sunset over Pikes Peak as I started.  I felt like I could run forever.  Just me and my headlamp.  Wow.    

2.35 in 26:00

It has to be qualified, because the best runs are still with my permanent partner in crime....


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