Day 355 - Anyone up for the 50meter kids' fun run?

You ever have those moments?  You know, the moments where you are pushing hard, where you are feeling intense pain, where you not only want to stop, but you want to quit forever?  The moments where you want to find the person that invented running (ha) and give them a nice wallop upside the head?  The moments where you think "I cannot possibly run one more 0.01 mile."  "I will die."  OK I think I have had this same post multiple times.  The things that run through my head (wish I could count that mileage.)

10.00 in 1:46.  
p.s. that is smokin' hot for me.  If I hadn't finished in that time, the gym would have closed and I would have been left to go searching for the man-bra.

47.99 miles to go...

and I passed the 750 mark for the year.  Yeah.


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