Day 358 - one more at home

We're taking off for the great white Northwest tomorrow, so today is the last day at home. I'm definitely relying on the tip I heard from one of the 30+ year streak runners. He said something to the effect of, the trick to getting out and running each day (for more than 30 years!) is to just tell yourself its OK to run because you're going to take it very easy and slow and then once you get going, you speed up to your regular pace and then your run is done. I adapt it to, I'm just going to run one mile in about fifteen minutes, then I'm done. Then once I'm out there the mental gymnastics begin. "Well you're run one, you might as well get it to two, two isn't too far, try two. " and so on and so forth until... 4.4 in 46:14.


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