Day 360 - Merry Christmas

A new day, a new coach. Today I ran with my li'l big sis. Who is a completely hawtsawss coach/runner/motivator. She provided the inspirational yelling like "YOU'RE NOT STOPPING UNTIL YOU SHOW ME THE END OF THIS TRACK!" or warm fuzzy feel good statements like, "YOU CALL YOURSELF A RUNNER?!? GET MOVING!!!" I jest a little, because most of the time she kept me smiling and not thinking about the whole running thing which I didn't really want to do. All the snow and ice is still there along with more rain/snow falling so we ran to the local track. We couldn't really see much of the track and ran on mostly ice and a few steps of spongy track, but we got it done. We jumped the fence to get in, and then later found an open gate around the corner. Good times. 5.2 miles in 61:24 of slipping and sliding. Today, I did not remove my clothing while running.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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