Day 363 - A Track + A Chick + Me = Me getting chicked

OK. So I didn't technically get chicked again, but I might as well have. The only other lady besides my wifey (thus instantly making it a "fun" run) was a 75+ year old lady. The elderly woman started walking around the outside of the track while I was blowing through my miles. I was feeling pretty good about my chances of avoiding the chicked status, and started doing a little stylized bounding. This state of elation was interrupted when I came around the corner and glanced up in the stands next to the track. GRANNY WAS RUNNING STAIRS!!! Do I need to mention that there was still leftover ice and snow everywhere from the once in forty year Oregon snow? My reaction to this was "Uh oh....time to go." I headed for the track exit and gave her a high five. She gave me a little grin like, "good move sonny, you don't want none of this!"

Have I mentioned that running with my wifey is the best ever! As usual. If we had free use of babysitter time, this is what we would choose to do together (and have done in the past even when it wasn't free.) Good stuff. Wifey=tehhawtsawss.

4.2 in 44:01.


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