Week Fitty

Total mileage: 30.25
Total time: 320:21
Avg miles: 4.32
Avg pace: 10:35
Progressing avg miles: 2.086

Total mileage 730.25
Total time: 8123:50

Year long projections
Mileage: 763,63
Time: 8495:12

Third 30+ mile week of the year.  69.75 miles remaining on the trip to 800.  That means 4.36 miles / day aka 30.5 mile weeks...  What I dream happening is that I stuff myself full of Christmas cookies, roll over and quit one week before the year is out.  Ha.  That kinda sounds nice.... :)  What actually will happen is that I will whine, and the wifey will give me a hug followed by her loving look of,  "I love you.  Now if you don't get outside and run right now I will toss you a beating that will haunt your dreams forever."  (The second part is my paraphrase of the subtext.)  OK So actually its more like "I love you.  You can do it baby!"  I just imagine the first one because its humorously motivational in a blogtastic sort of way.


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