Day 374, 375, 376, 377, 378

I blog.  Therefore I am.  Still alive that is.  I wonder what the Latin is for I blog?  Probably something like Moronus.  Therefore the previous phrase would be Moronus ergo Sum.  I can make fun because I have blogged more than once.  

So the week of rest aka one milers has sort of extended to uhh more than two weeks.  The first week of rest didn't count because of the little metaphorical dude who was causing me all the back pain.  Now its go time.  Or goal time.  Or just time to pick a goal.  Or I can't stop because all these phrases make me think of something other than a running/fitness objective for the year.  OK so the marathon is on the table.  The table is a place that I put things on and just laugh hysterically at and point, merely for someone suggesting such a ridiculous thing.  If it wasn't the wifey and my friend in Iraq who I've been praying for every day suggesting it, the pointing and laughing would be followed up by this slow motion action scene where I give a Rocky/Rambo grunting cry that sounds like I'm saying a combination of "ADRIAAAAAAAAANNNNN" and "8 HOURS OF RUNNING?!?!?!??!" and I pull out a combo rocket launcher/flamethrower from within my pants ?!?  and blow the marathon topic away  and follow it up with a "and thats what I think of that."  Since its them I'll just snicker a lot and make castigating remarks in their general direction.  

1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 in 55:14 or so.


Linnea said…
Hate CATS. And yes Mom, I did use the word hate.
Vava said…
Go do it! Awesome goal! It'll be interesting to see which challenge you found more difficult...

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