Day 380 aka Day 2

Rest day of the non-plan, which I refuse to have any part of.  1.0 in 11:01.  Someday my pushup count will be higher than one and I will be hawtsawss like Vava.  Someday.  Someday, I might actually do a pushup which is probably a prerequisite for doing 100 in a row.  Someday.  

I also had a sweet idea for a race.  Instead of a marathon, which I won't ever do, or start a plan for, how about a maraTHONG?  Probably should be in North Dakota or Yukon Territory in January.  I support it, only because I wouldn't have any of my normal chafing issues, or would I?  Try not to linger on that thought to long, for your own mental health....


Vava said…
Love the MaraTHONG idea! North Dakota needs some event that will garner attention, don't they?

And yes, doing one push up in the first step to getting to 100. Personally, I think 100 is nuts, and 50 is much more reasonable.
Linnea said…
The word THONG does not belong on your blog.


I beg you.

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