Day 406 - Dancing in the moonlight

or what more accurately might be called, waddling, sweating, spitting, and making little grunting noises in the moonlight.  Yes sickos I was running.  1.0 in a lot.  Thus commences some blogging action.  Not blogging is like not running, the more you do the not stuff, the more it steamrolls into more of the notness.  Notness, laziness, procrastination, mmm its like a jelly-filled doughnut with chocolate on top, and maybe some sugar sprinkles of apathy thrown in as well.  Mmmmm tasty.  Ah well doughnut's done, we'll give this blogging thing a try once more.  


Linnea said…
Notness=evil. There should be an official disorder connected with this disease.

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