Day 415 - Fear and Loathing in Running Shorts

Resting while you run.  Don't mention this to anyone, but it was almost pleasant running the one mile rest run.  Don't worry, I'm not going soft or anything, I still despise running.  Wait why is that again?  Oh yeah, the running part.  Without the running, running is great.  I spose I should be all, happy that I am healthy enought to, I have the resources to, my family encourages and supports me in the activity, I have money to spend on running shoes that will in three months be pressed into hard tack by the combination of extreme load and gravity, and I am.  Hmmm sounding all cuddly with the running thing.  Better stop, as in literally stop.  Which is still my favorite part of running; stopping.  OK that feels better.


1.1 in 13:30


Marcy said…
I don't know . . .it sounds like you just might like it a little :P

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