Day 416

7.0 in 75:47.  It is what it is and thats all that it is.  How do you feel about stopping and resting and walking during a run?  Do you love the Jeff Galloway, take a break every ten seconds approach, or would you rather fall on your sword and eviscerate your intestines before actually stopping the running motions?  Typically I take some rest breaks, just so I can ensure my bloated corpse is farther away from the house when the forensic dogs find it on the side of the road (i.e. I can make the distance.)  Today I did not.  I was rather happy about that.  I'm not morally opposed to taking breaks, but I know some are.  Also seeing as the difference between my running speed and my walking speed are about 0.01 mph its probably hard to tell anyway.  Long live sweaty treadmill runs!


Marcy said…
There is definitely something to be said about the Galloway method. There was a guy using it when I ran the marathon and he stayed with me pretty much the whole time. We yakked about it for a bit and he said he liked it because it made it legs feel fresher, especially in the later miles.

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