Day 419 - Running is Fun

Today was a unique day to say the least.  One of my reasons for running every day for a year, and to this point was to remember and pray for a friend of mine who was doing his second deployment to Iraq.  The amount of time these guys and gals spend away from their family is immense, and it is an enormous sacrifice.  Today I got to do a ten miler with him!  Back from deployment, safe and sound,  I casually mentioned that I was going out for ten and he said lets do it.  Nice trail run, good chance to catch up on the goings on (I even managed to talk and run at the same time!) good weather.  9.1 in a comfortable 1:45.  I'm normally a solo, solitary, middle of the night in the darkness runner, but running with someone today was good.

Today was a fun run!


Marcy said…
Glad you had a good run :-) Sounds like it was nice.
Moriah said…
I'm soooooooooooo proud of you and love you for caring about your friend.

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