My amazing Runner's Lounge forum post #1

To the best excuses for not running contest, I say this....

My favorite excuse is, "Hey I've already run 406 days in a row, isn't it about time for a break?" Maybe I should use it this time? The others that go through my mind:  

1. Nipple chafing = pain, me no likey the pain 

2. Someone might see me running, they might die or seriously injure themselves laughing, that would be cruel 

3. "Who's idiotic idea was it to run today? Huh? When I find them I'm going to beat them with a damp avocado!" No running means I don't have to threaten one of my multiple personalities. 

4. End cruelty to shoes. Pounding my running shoes into oblivion is really a rather heartless thing to do. Don't shoes have feelings too? 

5. Finally, my alien science conspiracy theorist personality suggests that too many people running at one time might cause a lot of seismic energy to be transferred through the Earth's crust and cause an earthquake in Peru. I don't know how many people are running today, but judging by all these running blogs, there are a lot. I just can't take that chance.


Marcy said…
You've got the BEST excuse in the world right there ;-)

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