Day 452-453 Crazy thoughts

Long run weekend.  Actually more like longest run EVER weekend.  Got up and ran 15 miles in the snow and cold, uphill both ways.  (Ok at least one way was uphill.)  It was supposed to be 16, but my mind was going crazy when I was calculating distances.  Do you go through a pattern of just ridiculously nut-ball thoughts when you are running?  

The first two hours went fairly well.  Didn't actually stop, got on a roll and went farther than planned on the first part of the route.  During this time my mind was fairly normal.  It was only 22 degrees out so I think the brain wave activity was mostly just frozen.  

The third hour is when the delusional thoughts and visions start creeping in.  I saw some guy and his dog, on the course, and saw the dog doing his business right next to the sidewalk.  That of course makes me think about things like this.   (honestly the theme of this blog is not poo, I promise.)  I have met the enemy, and the enemy is a German Shepherd.  I imagine putting up wanted posters with the picture of the dog on lamp posts in the neighborhood with the text "Look at what this dog did!"  (Thinking about it, I hope my face doesn't wind up on a sign like that, based on my own roadside "activities"  "Look at what this MAN did!!!?!")  

Next I start thinking about how I've really found my "groove."  You know that running speed where you feel like you can just keep going forever without stopping?  Right I decided at this point that my groove speed is laying on the couch.  In fact I start dreaming about the best couches I've ever had the sweet pleasure of lying down on.  Mmmm couches.

Finally, I do an in-run literary analysis of the lyrics of "Another One Bites the Dust."  I decide at this point that I should become some sort of professional dancer, being the star of bygone music videos.  I think, during my run-induced vision, that I could make some cold hard cash doing this.

These are my delusions. 

452 - 1.0 in 10:20
Corrected distance is even worse...
453 - 14.85 in 3:00:01  
at least it was a lot faster than the last long run?

Props to the best mobile support team in the biz!  Teh wifey and teh kids!


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