Day 425-431 The abridged version

425 - shh one mile, in 11:00.  don't tell anyone.

426 - cross training today.  One mile fake run, and lifting heavy objects to help a friend move.  People who have no kids really don't know what its like to have too much junk in their house.  I love helping them move.  I feel a little guilty when I ask for help later and they come look at the giant mound of stuff in my house, but not too bad.

427 - I ran.  Two hours.  Approx. 10.5 miles.  Outside.  On a trail.  It was nice.  I was hawtsawss foh shoh.  Important question: at what point do you become a "cool" enough runner to wear a "technical running shirt" with garish colors?  I picked up a cherry/power tie/ripe tomato/fire engine/my face while running RED shirt from the bargain bin.  I can be seen from miles away.  Is this ok?  Should I wait until I do 6:00 minute mile repeats for fun?  I make me laugh sometimes.

428,429,430, 431  yeah uh four one milers, approx. 43:12.  Am I still on this plan or not....


Ace said…
Hey I didn't say I was wearing a neon blue speedo!

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