Day 432-433 Penta P's aka 5 Ps

I'm officially starting a new organization it is entitled:  People Protesting Pooches Poo'ing on Pavement.  So it's warm of late.  That means people are taking little Fido on walks now.  Isn't that sweet?  This means that for those of us who occassionally choose to run on the sidewalk or on grass, we have to be ever vigilant for gooey landmines all over the place.  Mmm moist, brown, bubbling piles of poo.   Additionally these canines appear to be eating very well, because sometimes I can't tell whether the deposit was left by a poodle or a buffalo.  These things are huge!  Anyway, I suppose I'd better stop.  Its these types of posts that make it possible for people to google "man running and pooing" to get sent to this blog!  

Day 432 - 1.0 in 9:28.
Day 433 - 4.0 in 40:38.


Marcy said…
OMG that sooo annoys me! Pick up your dayum dog's poo! GAH!

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